Here’s what happens to Smite 1, and your skins, after Smite 2

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Smite 2 was officially confirmed at the Smite World Championship, and it’s deadset on reinvigorating the mythical MOBA. 

Smite has been a staple of MOBAs, despite having a comparatively small player count next to its PC-only brethren. The sequel was initially leaked by the Russian Steam page shortly before the official announcement, and it led to many fans tuning into the Smite World Championship with a bit more hype than usual. Eventually, those leaks were confirmed with the announcement of Smite 2 at the tournament.

Alongside the announcement was a teaser trailer with pre-alpha footage, revealing that the game will be built on Unreal Engine 5 alongside some hints about what will change with the move between games. With so much hype for the sequel, some fans are wondering if the first Smite is getting left behind. 

Will skins from Smite carry over to Smite 2?

Only skins that came out after Year 11 onward will be ported to Smite 2.

Although this may be disappointing for fans who have built up a large collection over the game’s decade-long run, the Smite team isn’t leaving veterans in the dust. There’s confirmation of a legacy system in Smite 2. Players will receive various rewards, skins, and discounts in Smite 2 based on their progress and collection in the original Smite.

It’s very likely tied to the “Divine Legacy” system that was leaked in December. This system was set to reward veterans with unique skins, as well as an equivalent number of Legacy Gems from their progress in Smite. Legacy Gems can be used to pay for 50% of any in-game purchase in the sequel. Additionally, those who bought a Founders Pack will have legacy gems doubled.

Zentreya Smite Skin
Smite continues to get skin releases, like December’s VShojo collab

Will Smite no longer have support after Smite 2?

Smite will continue to receive support even after Smite 2’s release.

Considering the game won’t include much of Smite’s vast roster on launch, it makes sense for the devs to not abandon the first game. The servers will remain online and updates will be made to the game for some time. While support will likely cease at some point, players who are still grinding Smite can continue enjoying the game.

The decision to continue supporting Smite ought to be welcome news for fans. Many modern multiplayer games have shuttered their predecessors on launch, which was seen with Overwatch 2 and Counter-Strike 2. Smite 1 will continue to exist, and can potentially be picked up by new players for years to come.

What is the release date for Smite 2?

Smite 2 will arrive on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Steam Deck in Spring 2024.

The game is also confirmed to have cross-progression, meaning players don’t have to worry about separate accounts for each system. Players can register for the closed alpha right now on the official website for Smite 2.

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