Smite 2 has seemingly been confirmed, here’s what we know

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Smite 2 may be coming to Steam very soon, according to an apparent leak on Steam.

Smite is one of the oldest MOBAs that has held on to a sizeable player base. Given the competition with the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends, Smite has done well for itself in the MOBA niche, offering a more accessible alternative to its PC cousins thanks to its more action-game-like style. The game has been getting updates for years including splashy collabs with Twitch streamer networks and major animated series like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Smite 2 has been the subject of rumors for some time now and those rumors were vindicated when the Russian Steam for Smite page accidentally leaked the existence of a sequel. It appears a sequel to the god-fighting MOBA will be released in the immediate future. 

When is Smite 2’s release date?

Smite 2 is likely coming out in March 2024, according to data-mined files.

These files were labeled as “Smite 2 Founders Pack” within the game’s database, and will be available during Smite’s 2024 Birthday Event on March 25, 2024. Notably, this also marks Smite’s 10th anniversary.

Stewart Chisam had teased the possibility of a Smite 2 in January 2023, asking fans what they would like to see in a potential sequel. This suggests the game has been in the works for some time. That said, not much else is known about what Smite 2 will offer relative to the original.

It’s unknown whether Smite 2 will be an expanded version of the existing game, or if it will go in a significantly different direction. Other longstanding multiplayer games have handled the idea of a sequel in different ways, and have had varied growing pains as a result. Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and Call of Duty: Warzone have all taken different approaches to this and all have drummed up controversy within their fanbases.

Will Smite 1 still be getting support?

It is unknown whether Smite 1 will continue being supported after its sequel is released.

The existence of a “Founder’s Pack” implies that players of Smite 1 will have the ability to carry forward their progress in some form. There’s also a fascinating leak from December 2023 that supports the idea that the existing game will be supported for some time. A feature called “Divine Legacy” was discovered and is speculated to be a reward function that gives players unique skins based on how many years they played Smite.

However, it’s also possible that Smite 2 could be similar to Counter-Strike 2. CS2 launched in 2023 with the long-running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being sunsetted and replaced on Steam. Though previous versions of Counter-Strike including the original game and Counter-Strike: Source are both still available to play in 2024, CSGO has effectively been shut down.

More news for Smite 2 will likely be announced this weekend January 13-15 at the Smite World Championship. 

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