GTA 6 release date might actually be sooner than fans think

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The GTA 6 release date might be closer than people initially believed, judging from job listings over at Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto 6 dropped its first trailer in December 2023 after years of anticipation. The hype for GTA 6 exceeded that of any other video game in memory, to the point where its reveal trailer was appointment viewing around the world. The trailer revealed stunning graphics, new characters, and what looks to be a massive open-world setting. 

Although the trailer didn’t show much gameplay, fans already knew some of those details due to a significant leak in 2022. Authorities sentenced the 18-year-old leaker, Arion Kurtaj, to indefinite detention in a secure hospital. This was followed by the full source code of GTA 5 being dumped onto the internet. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, leaks for GTA 6 tend to be smaller in scope, with the latest being the unintentional reveal of a song on its soundtrack.

The biggest question about the game is its potential release date and a new leak provides some serious hints about it. There’s nothing nefarious about this case, but it’s still revelatory.

Job listing hints at potential GTA 6 release date

Rockstar Games job listings suggest that an early 2025 release date for GTA 6 is a possibility

A job listing on Rockstar Lincoln’s page for a Russian localization tester. One of the job’s responsibilities states is to “perform localization QA to ensure final product quality is as high as possible.”

The official release window for GTA 6 is “2025” with no specificity beyond that

Most localization happens years before the game’s release, but what makes this stand out is the use of “QA” and “final product.” Not only that, the contract only lasts for 12 months. These roles typically exist for games nearing completion. Take-Two Interactive’s financial reports support the early 2025 release window theory, as the company projects a major release around that period.

GTA 6’s release date, whenever it may be, will be a cornerstone event for the gaming industry and companies are scrambling to have things in order. This includes reports that Sony is pushing forward the PS5 Pro to have it ready for the game’s release.

Is there a confirmed PC version of GTA 6 yet?

Rockstar has not confirmed a PC port for GTA 6.

On its initial release date, GTA 6 will only be available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. With that move, Rockstar leaves the previous generation of consoles with its newest title. A notable leaker stated that the game will be arriving on Nintendo’s next-gen console, but neither GTA 6 nor the console has a release date.

Veteran Rockstar fans saw this coming. The PC port of GTA 4 took a few months before launching, while GTA 5 took over two years. 

With the scale of GTA 6 likely beating out every previous Rockstar title, the developers may want to avoid the headache that PC ports will bring. Regardless, more information about GTA 6 will likely come out as 2025 approaches and all signs point to a PC version coming out at some point.

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