Sony’s reportedly revealing PS5 Pro specs to devs, here’s why

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Sony has reportedly started sharing the PS5 Pro’s specs with third-party publishers, suggesting a potentially imminent release. 

Reports of an upgraded version of the PlayStation 5 have been swirling for a while, with multiple reports and predictions pointing to a potential Q3 2024 release window for the refresh. Industry analysts also think that the PS5 Pro will likely be released sometime this year, citing GTA 6 as a motivating factor. 

The gap between the PS5’s release and the potential refresh is relatively long but fans haven’t met the news with excitement. Still, all signs point to the new console coming out.

Third-party publishers reportedly know the PS5 Pro’s specs

Colin Moriarty of Last Stand Media reports that Sony has given details about the PS5 Pro to third-party developers.

Moriarty previously broke the news of a Red Dead Redemption remaster days before Rockstar’s official announcement. During the Sacred Symbols podcast, Moriarty shares that one of his sources at a midsize third-party publisher watched a presentation for the PS5 Pro. He also reports that first-party and second-party developers already knew the specs before anybody else, likely to give Sony’s internal projects a headstart.

Sharing with third-party publishers likely means Sony is gearing up for the console’s release. The PS5 Pro gives developers for games like Monster Hunter Wilds and Death Stranding 2 the necessary time to upscale their games for the newer console. It also lays the groundwork for games further in the future, such as The Witcher 4 and GTA 6. 

What will the PS5 Pro’s specs be?

The exact specs of the PS5 Pro are currently unknown.

However, other leaks may build a picture of what the PS5 Pro is capable of. For example, in the infamous Insomniac leak, a presentation for PS5’s Wolverine included “AI Upscaling” as one of its features. The original PS5 cannot do this, so it’s likely meant for the PS5 Pro.

This tracks with Moriarty’s claim that first-party developers had early access to the PS5 Pro’s specs. Other reports claim that there will be a focus on enhanced ray tracing and overall better performance. However, some leakers are “disappointed” with specs, citing it wasn’t a significant jump in technology to the PS5 like the PS4 Pro was to its predecessor. Time will tell if the PS5 Pro lives up to the hype. 

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