Major gameplay details on Black Panther leaked by EA

Black Panther

A recent job listing by EA Games seemingly revealed that the upcoming Marvel’s Black Panther game will be open-world or feature open-world elements.

Not to be confused with the Skydance-developed Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, which also features Black Panther as one of the protagonists, the Cliffhanger Games-developed Black Panther title recently got a job listing posted to its website. the game might have open-world elements just like EA’s Motive Studio’s Iron Man title.

Alongside open-world elements, these listings also suggest that the game’s development might be ramping up too, while giving ideas on other mechanics fans can expect in the upcoming title. With numerous superhero-related games on the horizon, it remains to be seen if the Black Panther game can stand out from the rest.

Will the upcoming Black Panther game be open-world?

EA’s job listing suggests the upcoming Black Panther game will be set in an open-world environment while giving additional information about the title.

The job listing reveals that Cliffhanger Games is looking for developers who’ve worked with dynamic open-world systems to make sandbox experiences for players. Although the company hasn’t officially announced that the new Black Panther game will be open-world, this listing strongly suggests this will be the case.

Although no footage has been shown yet, judging by the responsibilities in the listing, it might take inspiration from older Marvel games like Radical Entertainment’s The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. The Hulk title had traversal mechanics and interactions with the environment that were considered revolutionary at the time. This also seems to position Black Panther to be similar in nature to the upcoming Bethesda Softworks game Marvel’s Blade.

It also seems like the game will have a dynamic and changing world, which might be similar to how Red Dead Redemption 2 had an evolving map. The listing reveals the game will have AI elements, which might be similar to the NPC interactions showcased in The Matrix Unreal Engine demo.

When will EA’s Black Panther be released?

Neither EA nor Cliffhanger Games have revealed when the new Black Panther game will be released. Judging by the fact that the game was revealed to be under development in 2023 and that the company is still hiring key staff, it looks like it’s still far from release and is still finding its footing.

AAA games usually take some time to complete. Since there’s no footage about the upcoming game yet, there’s no way to pinpoint how far into development the game is or how long it will take to complete. However, there’s a good chance that fans will have to wait for some time to get their hands on the upcoming title and explore Wakanda.

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