Upcoming Iron Man game likely open world, here’s what it means

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According to new job listings, the upcoming Iron Man game from EA’s Motive Studio could be an open world title.

Superhero games are fast approaching the scale of their cinematic counterparts. Insomniac’s Wolverine, NetEase’s Marvel Rivals, and SkyDance’s Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra are all in development and are just the tip of the proverbial superhero iceberg. 

With so many heroes competing for the spotlight, the scope of these projects has only grown larger. Iron Man, the superhero who kick-started the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has had video games in the past. Unfortunately, they didn’t exactly shake up the video game landscape the way his appearance in the MCU shook up the film industry. EA’s Motive Studio plans to fix that with its upcoming AAA Iron Man game, and it looks like it will feature an open world.

Will the new Iron Man game be open-world?

According to a new job listing, the new Iron Man game will likely be open-world.  Under the official job listings for the Iron Man project, the team looked for people with experience in open-world action-adventure titles. While EA has not formally announced it as an open world game, the job listing makes it more likely. The only caveat is that the game is still early in development, so things could potentially change.

Developers at Motive Studio only recently finished the Dead Space remake in 2023, so it’s likely that focused development for Iron Man only started last year. Still, the game could have been in earlier planning and development stages prior the completion of the new Dead Space, so some fans are hoping that the game is relatively close to release.

The decision to go with an open world for Iron Man could potentially lengthen the development time of the game, depending on how it’s been handled to date. With EA still looking to fill essential roles on the project, the Iron Man game might be farther out than some fans are hoping.

Actual gameplay could take a cue from the successful Marvel’s Spider-Man games developed by Insomniac. These see Spider-Man swinging between buildings, basically flying through the air. With Iron Mans actual flying ability powered by his high-tech suit of armor, the possibilities for Tony Stark in an open-world setting would seem to be endless.

When is the release date for the Iron Man game?

EA nor Motive Studio have confirmed a release date for the Iron Man game. Fan anticipation is high for both this game and for Marvel’s Wolverine, but there has been limited official word on either.

“We’re still early in pre-production and taking our time to make sure we set the best possible foundation for development,” EA Motive said in an October 2023 blog post. When paired with the job listings looking for senior roles, it’s appears that the Iron Man game is still far from completion. 

The success of the Dead Space remake had many fans believing the studio would have wanted to make a Dead Space 2 remake, but those plans reportedly fell through. Given the typical development cycle for modern AAA titles, fans may not see Iron Man soar through the skies for a long while yet. 

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