Will there be a Dead Space 2 remake? The answer broke Twitter

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After the success of the Dead Space remake, fans clamored for a Dead Space 2 remake, but has EA Games greenlit the project?

While The Callisto Protocol failed to match fan expectations as a proper successor to Dead Space, there was a strong plan B in place with EA’s remake to look forward to in January 2023. Fortunately for fans, the Dead Space remake was a faithful homage to the original with some unique enhancements, much like the Resident Evil 4 remake later in 2023. While the game was somewhat overlooked due to the tidal wave of AAA titles that came out throughout the year, the game was still a major critical success.

With so much support behind the game, fans were excited for Dead Space 2 to get similar treatment. Unfortunately, fans may be waiting a while for that remake and potentially for any new Dead Space game at all.

Are they making a Dead Space 2 remake?

EA has denied the existence of a Dead Space 2 remake, with a number of notable gaming media figures corroborating this.

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb stated on the Game Mess Mornings podcast that he had heard that developer Dead Space remake developer Motive Studio was “working on” a remake of the sequel but that it was canceled “due to lackluster sales.” In a rare move, EA fired back at this.

“We don’t normally comment on rumors, but there is no validity to this story,” an EA spokesperson told IGN.

IGN also reports that the project was never actually greenlit and that the Dead Space remake was internally “considered to have done well.” Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier later corroborated EA’s statement to IGN and gave his thoughts on Grubb’s report. Grubb later backpedaled on Twitter saying he “meant that it wasn’t in active development.” Regardless, all sides agree that a Dead Space 2 remake is not in development and likely won’t be any time soon.

Meanwhile, Motive Studio stated on Twitter that it’s prioritizing the development of the upcoming Iron Man game and will continue supporting the Battlefield franchise. Team Motive has no public plans concerning the Dead Space franchise for the moment. 

Will there be a Dead Space 4?

EA nor Team Motive have confirmed a Dead Space 4.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier stated on Twitter that, rather than a Dead Space 2 remake, Motive Studio “the project’s leaders wanted to do a brand new game.” Schreier stated that Motive’s projects related to the series “fizzled.” Unless EA hands Dead Space over to a different studio, this suggests that the series could be on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

It’s worth noting the original Dead Space franchise, though successful critically, has shown signs of being underwhelming commercially.

In 2017, Dead Space 2 level designer Zach Wilson claimed in series of now-deleted tweets that Dead Space 2 “underperformed” in the eyes of higher-ups. Wilson stated that Dead Space 2 cost $60 million to develop and sold over four million copies, which wasn’t received well by corporate brass.

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