Watch this streamer beat Elden Ring with 1 button and Morse code

elden ring streamer morse code

Finding creative ways to make FromSoftware games even more difficult is a tradition of fans at this point, but one streamer took things to a new level with Elden Ring.

There have been many different challenges throughout Soulsborne history. No-hit runs are the most common and have popped up for each game, and many players have tried to push their way through Elden Ring without using any summoned help. Alongside those are actual, physical limitations like playing blindfolded.

But one of the most creative ways players have upped the ante is by using unorthodox controllers. Most cases involve using novelty controllers meant for a specific game like a Dance Dance Revolution pad or Donkey Kong Jungle Beat bongos. But even further beyond that is using things that aren’t designed for any kind of gaming, like a musical keyboard. Using a dead language and one button is an entirely different story, though.

Twitch streamer uses Morse code to beat Elden Ring

Silithur used Morse code on one button to do an epic challenge run of Elden Ring, beating the game and defeating every boss that drops a Remembrance.

Morse code uses “pulses” of varying lengths and pauses that translate into letters. In the olden days, this was done using a telegraph key that was tapped to generate an electrical signal, though Silithur used a box with an arcade-style button.

A single input in morse code requires up to five button presses with specific timing. This makes things particularly challenging in a game like Elden Ring, where he didn’t have to just time attacks and dodge rolls against enemies but also time how long it takes to input a command with the telegraph key. On top of that, he had just eight-directional movement with each direction also being inputted and held using the telegraph key.

Despite this, he managed to get every Remembrance in the game.

That isn’t to say things were easy. Though some bosses were manageable, the toughest bosses proved to be even tougher when the game is controlled via a dead means of telecommunication. Malenia, Blade of Miquella proved to be the biggest challenge of Elden Ring for the streamer with the super-boss taking a week to beat across several hours-long streams.

His character build was uniquely built around the handicaps of his controller, relying on hard-hitting weapon arts. He wasn’t just limited to one weapon and set of armor, however. He utilized a variety of weapons, armor, and shields during his playthrough.

With Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree on the horizon, there will soon be a new set of bosses to take down and a faux character reset to climb back from. Fans will be looking forward to Silithur telegraphing his way to victory and other wacky challenge runs across Twitch and YouTube.

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