PS6: Everything known about the console’s release date, features

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PlayStation may have multiple irons in the fire when it comes to gaming hardware, with information circulating regarding the PS6, its features, and a possible release date.

The PS5 has only been available since 2020, but Sony has shifted at least some attention to new hardware. A “PS5 Pro” mid-generation upgrade is expected and evidence of its existence has been both reported on and discovered in leaked data. There’s still no official word on this piece of hardware, but there is already unofficial discussion and reportage on the PlayStation 6.

PS6 release date info

The PlayStation 6 is expected to release in 2028.

While there is no word from Sony on a next-gen console, Microsoft leaked its expectations for when the next generation begins. In 2023, Microsoft accidentally dumped a trove of documents online, including info on the next console generation. This included plans for its own next-gen hardware, and its expectations regarding Sony.

Historically, consoles were around for around five years before having a successor announced. Things have changed in the 2020s with the Nintendo Switch reaching its seventh year on the market and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both being actively supported with major releases.

It seems that the PlayStation 5 will follow suit. Companies supporting their consoles for a longer time is potentially a huge win for consumers. The sticking point comes with other advancements in entertainment. Technophiles who rushed to purchase an 8K television will want to ensure their games look as good as possible. Stronger hardware becomes necessary with each move from 1080p, to 2K, then to 4K.

PlayStation 6 features may include compatibility with new portable console

YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead has discussed the chances of the PS6 having a handheld console. While Sony released the PlayStation Portal in 2023, it’s not the handheld that Sony fans are looking for. The PS Portal is exclusively used for the PS5’s Remote Play feature and needs an internet connection to work.

It does not run games itself, and it can’t be taken anywhere like the Nintendo Switch or a PSP. There is no information regarding how this console will load its games and what it might be capable of. Regardless, there has been a gold rush toward portable game devices since the release of the Switch. Many portable PCs have been released and Xbox is reportedly making one of its own.

Aside from this, it’s been reported that AMD will remain Sony’s partner in developing the PlayStation 6. Everything else, including the console’s specifications, are not yet revealed.

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