Shift Up talks Stellar Blade 2 and PC port, are they happening?

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Stellar Blade 2 might be in the works, alongside a PC port of the recently released character action game.

Stellar Blade has proven itself a successful IP in just a few weeks since its release. Although Shift Up has not publicly released sales numbers for the sultry sci-fi action game, it has received widespread positive acclaim. Critics and fans alike complimented the game’s captivating style and fast-paced gameplay.

In recent years, Sony has focused most of its efforts on established first-party IPs such as God of War and The Last of Us. Stellar Blade’s recent performance may push the publisher to consider the sci-fi title as part of that roster. Shift Up’s recent financial reports suggest the studio is confident in the Stellar Blade’s future.

Will Stellar Blade get a PC port?

Stellar Blade may receive a PC port, according to Shift Up.

Shift Up‘s corporate filings included details on the company’s future, including what’s next for Stellar Blade and a possible Stellar Blade 2. Among the financial projections, the report confirmed Stellar Blade sales are “exceeding expectations” internally at Shift Up.

This success has Shift Up discussing a potential PC port for Stellar Blade. Sony’s recent efforts to integrate with the PC space have been a mixed bag, as the Helldivers 2 controversy can attest. Still, the successful sales of God of War: Ragnarok and Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC prove that Sony’s exclusives still have value outside of the PlayStation brand. 

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While a PC port is one thing, some fans wonder if a Stellar Blade 2 will also happen.

Is a Stellar Blade 2 confirmed?

Shift Up stated it is considering the development of a sequel to Stellar Blade, but did not confirm that it is in development yet.

The success of Stellar Blade is certainly motivation enough for Shift Up to greenlight a sequel, and the financial reports imply there’s a strong possibility that it will happen. However, Shift Up also confirmed in the same report that 2025 would see a continued expansion of AAA efforts and that it will create new IPs. That includes a new project called Codename: Witches, a cross-platform gacha game for PC, console, and mobile.

While Stellar Blade may get a PC port and a sequel, there was no indication of forward movement on DLC for the existing game. Though Stellar Blade will receive free content updates, fans were hopeful for something larger. Shift Up has not yet given a firm “no” regarding a paid DLC expansion, but the studio discussed a number of other projects without indicating any forward movement on this.

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