Stellar Blade director updates fans on DLC, both free and paid

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The game director of Stellar Blade stated that free DLC is coming in what’s likely to be a boss rush mode.

Despite being at the center of a particularly toxic discourse on social media, Stellar Blade has enjoyed serious commercial success and strong reviews from video game media. The good times might be rolling on for fans of the game. While it had a day-one patch that included new modes like new game plus, the developers aren’t done yet.

Stellar Blade director Hyung-Tae Kim revealed that fans can expect a new boss rush mode for the game, among other new inclusions. He also discussed the possibility of Stellar Blade getting DLC, although his statement brings up more questions than answers.

Stellar Blade getting boss rush free DLC in upcoming content update

An interview with Stellar Blade’s director suggests the game’s studio is planning to release a boss-focused game mode as free DLC.

In an interview with, Kim stated a “Boss Challenge” mode was in the planning stage. However, he didn’t give a timeframe or a release date on when players can expect that mode to arrive.

Fans and pundits praised Stellar Blade’s combat, so releasing a new mode focusing on that makes sense. If Boss Challenge is anything like the modes seen in other games, such as Cuphead or Sekiro, it’ll involve players fighting the game’s bosses one after another without any breaks. However, it’s unknown if it will let players heal between fights, or if there will be options to make the mode harder or easier.

Alternatively, similar to Hades, Boss Challenge may entail fighting familiar bosses with new attack patterns and stronger abilities. This would allow players to face their favorite bosses in a new and more challenging way.

Will Stellar Blade get paid DLC?

Stellar Blade’s director shared that SHIFT UP Corporation is still deciding whether to add DLC to the game.

“Future update plans, including DLC, have not yet been decided,” Kim stated.

This sentence could mean the team is still unclear about whether there will be paid DLC for Stellar Blade. Kim’s earlier statements suggested Stellar Blade DLC will likely be free, but the appetite for a larger expansion to the game is likely there.

It’s unknown what the future may hold for Stellar Blade. Since it’s a Sony Interactive Entertainment-published game, it could follow the same formula as other games under its umbrella. This has included sizable paid DLCs, such as the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Beetle Infestation DLC.

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