Developer reveals Stellar Blade DLC, microtransaction plans

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The Stellar Blade developer shared details and plans to support the game post-launch with free DLC skins and a new game plus. 

Stellar Blade has been in the limelight for its eye-catching protagonist and sleek, fast-paced combat. The game also saw its demo released weeks in advance of the official launch, a confident move that’s garnered a strong response as its gameplay, graphics, and performance have been praised. The game will be released on April 26, 2024, on PlayStation 5, but some of the features won’t be ready until after launch.

Developer Shift Up is ready to support the game with free content updates moving forward. Here’s what that will entail and what the CEO of Stellar Blade’s developer said is in store regarding microtransactions and DLC.

Will Stellar Blade have DLC?

Stellar Blade will have free content updates, but the developers behind the game have not made it clear whether the game will have a paid DLC.

Shift Up CEO Kim Hyeong-tae stressed that the game won’t have any additional microtransactions and that players will receive the full game with a one-time purchase. This follows controversy regarding Capcom’s microtransactions in Dragon’s Dogma 2, where a segment of fans complained about rare items being made available for real-life cash.

“We would like to make it clear here that Stellar Blade does not require any additional expenses that gamers are not aware of other than the cost of purchasing the package,” Stellar Blade director and Shift Up CEO Kim Hyung-tae said in an interview with South Korean outlet Ruliweb.

He didn’t commit one way or the other regarding paid DLC in Stellar Blade, saying that “has not been determined.” The game will have free content updates post-release, adding new features and cosmetic items. Most notably, Stellar Blade will add a new game plus mode to Stellar Blade in a free content update. It’s unclear when these updates will arrive relative to launch, or how much content will be added overall.

How many costumes are in Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade will launch with 30 Eve costumes, with free and paid options coming after the game’s release as DLC.

The interview touched on several aspects of post-launch support, including free skins for the lead protagonist. Kim also mentioned that most of the skins coming in updates would be free to players. The exceptions would be those stemming from possible collaborations with other developers. 

Costumes can be acquired by exploring and completing story quests, or by purchasing them from the in-game store. While players won’t need to make additional real-life purchases to access the 30 costumes, there are preorder exclusive bonuses that include extra cosmetics. 

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