Stellar Blade is getting a demo, and its release date is confirmed

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Stellar Blade, one of the most hotly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusives of 2024, has a demo launching and the release date has been confirmed. 

The game showcased on PlayStation’s State of Play in September 2022, quickly grabbed the attention of gamers thanks to its fast-paced action that openly draws inspiration from the NieR series. As with the currently adrift Bayonetta, Stellar Blade’s protagonist is central to the game’s branding and marketing, and the developers’ “attention to detail” has drawn both praise and criticism.

Despite that, the game looks positioned to be a rock-solid action game. Players can check out how the game plays and see what the hype is about once the free demo comes out. 

Stellar Blade demo release date revealed

The Stellar Blade Demo will be released on March 29, 2024, at 7 am PT, 9 am ET, and 2 pm GMT/UTC.

The demo will be available for all PlayStation 5 users with a PlayStation account to download and play. Players don’t need to fill out forms or apply to get access to the demo and only need to download it through the PlayStation Store. As with most demos, it is completely free but the full game will still need to be purchased separately.

A Stellar Blade demo went live mistakenly in early March and was immediately taken down shortly thereafter by Sony. The short availability was more than enough for some players to get hands-on time with the action-packed game and post their impressions on social media. The demo is coming out officially this time around, and will presumably stick around indefinitely after. 

Stellar Blade demo details, save data and progress transfer

The Stellar Blade demo will start from the very beginning of the game as Eve is sent back to her home planet. It’s set to end with the game’s first boss fight.

Kim Hyung Tae, game director at Shift Up Corp, told the official PlayStation blog that the first stage will act as a tutorial for the players so they can get acclimated to the game’s mechanics. The demo will familiarize players with basic combat features and prepare them to explore the game’s dystopian version of Earth. 

Save data from the Stellar Blade demo will carry over to the full release in April 2024, so players can pick up and continue their journey. The demo will feature 60fps performance mode and PlayStation 5 DualSense haptics.

Players from around the world will be able to enjoy the demo, too. The Stellar Blade demo supports Korean, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Latin-Spanish

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