Is Bayonetta 4 still happening or is the series dead? Kamiya speaks

is bayonetta dead?

Bayonetta 4, and the future of the series as a whole, is uncertain after its creator stepped away from PlatinumGames. Now he’s opening up about the franchise, what he had planned for it, and more on a personal YouTube channel.

Hideki Kamiya, a prolific video game designer known for directing iconic Capcom titles such as Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, and Okami, surprisingly resigned from his role at PlatinumGames in October. Since then, he has spent some of his newfound free time starting a YouTube channel. On this channel, he shares his thoughts on the games industry and answers questions from fans.

In one video, he jokingly introduces himself as “I am Hideki Kamiya, Unemployed” which sets the tone for the channel moving forward. His most recent Q&A video tackles some questions that he’s been asked since his resignation including some about the future of Bayonetta.

Will Bayonetta 4 still happen?

Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya believes Bayonetta 4 will still happen.

Although Kamiya himself will no longer have a role in making Bayonetta games for the foreseeable future, he still believes that Bayonetta 4 is something that PlatinumGames wants to create.

He also discussed what he had in mind for the future of the series. Kamiya had an entire saga spanning nine episodes planned. That vision likely won’t come to pass.

Kamiya’s resignation was potentially due to the broad criticism of Bayonetta 3’s story. Fans and critics expressed dissatisfaction with the wild jumps from moment to moment, as well as the ending.

When asked why he chose to leave PlatinumGames, Kamiya stated that he wanted to “choose the right path and move on,” but did not elaborate on anything specific. It has been indicated that Kamiya is unable to work in the video game industry for a stretch, so it is unclear what is next for him.

What is the next game that PlatinumGames is developing?

PlatinumGames is working on a title codenamed Project GG. Project GG was originally directed by Kamiya, it’s currently a mystery if it’s still being actively worked on or what plans might be in store for the game.

When asked by a fan on social media about the project’s status, Kamiya replies that they should ask PlatinumGames what they plan to do about it. In previous interviews, Kamiya revealed that the project had grown far bigger than his original idea.

Though fans have been wondering about Bayonetta 4, Project GG was first revealed in 2020 with a teaser trailer, but there are few details about its gameplay or release window. The trailer hints at a game about kaiju battles and tokusatsu superhero tropes like those seen in the Power Rangers and Kamen Rider. There is no word on whether the project is still headed in this direction, if plans may have changed along the way, or when it might come out relative to the next Bayonetta game.

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