Is Microsoft going to buy Capcom? Top exec has the answer

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Capcom is adamant that it would say no to a potential buyout from Microsoft.

In a Bloomberg interview, Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto expanded on Capcom’s plans for future growth. He emphasized the importance of releasing a new AAA title every year and providing support for said titles over an extended period of time.

Capcom has also set a goal of 100 million games sold in a single year, and Tsujimoto believes that the PC is the main platform for that goal. With over 230 countries playing their games on the PC alone, Capcom is confident in the platform’s ability to grow Capcom’s business even further. Of course, these growth plans have caused rumblings about potential buyouts within the industry.

Is Microsoft going to buy Capcom?

No, Capcom has stated that if Microsoft offered a buyout, it would decline.

Microsoft’s controversial acquisition of Activision-Blizzard remains an ongoing hot topic in the gaming industry. Tsujimoto admits in the interview that there was a time when Microsoft was looking to acquire Capcom as well. However, Tsujimoto states that Capcom prefers organic growth found independently over relying on external benefactors. He emphasizes the importance of Capcom having full autonomy over business decisions. 

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That said, Capcom isn’t against working with Microsoft. While Capcom would refuse a buyout, the company is open to an “equal partnership” for “mutual growth.” This is something Capcom has already been doing with other major tech companies, including Apple. 

Is Resident Evil being ported to the iPhone and iPad?

Yes, Resident Evil: Village and Resident Evil 4: Remake will be receiving ports to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPad.

With the release of the latest iPhone, Capcom quickly announced its plans to release high-quality games to the mobile space. The company started off strong by porting two prominent titles, Resident Evil: Village and Resident Evil 4: Remake, down to mobile screens.

Resident Evil: Village is set for release on the iPhone 15 Pro on October 30, just one day before Halloween. Meanwhile, Resident Evil 4: Remake is still listed as “available in 2023”,  with no concrete release date announced.

Capcom’s relationship with Apple spans back years, with the company releasing its first iPhone game, Resident Evil: Degeneration, in May 2009. Partnerships are a core part of Capcom’s growth plans. Paired with success borne of a hot streak of successful games, a buyout isn’t likely to be in Capcom’s immediate future.

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