Here’s every recipe in Pokemon Sleep and how to cook them

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Pokemon Sleep allows players to cook for their Snorlax, but players ought to know some recipes before they just start throwing food together.

Giving food to Snorlax will help players’ sleep scores go even higher after the next sleep session. The Drowsy Power that Snorlax holds will become stronger, allowing players to wake up to even more Pokemon the following day after sleeping through the night. When players don’t see many Pokemon when they wake up in the morning, it’s possibly because they didn’t give their Snorlax a proper meal. 

Snorlax doesn’t need to be fed just any food, though. The sleepy Pokemon needs both meals and berries, which team members will collect overnight and during the day. By preparing them properly, players can get bigger in-game benefits out of their real-life naps.

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All recipes in Pokemon Sleep and how to make them

There are dozens of recipes that players can use to make food for their Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep. There are three different types of meals including curry, salads, and desserts. It’s worth noting that different types of meals don’t make much of a difference overall, but some will grant Snorlax a better growth rate. Here is the full list of recipes in Pokemon Sleep:

Curry recipes in Pokemon Sleep

  • Mixed Curry– Any combination of ingredients that does not make another recipe
  • Fancy Apple Curry–  Fancy Apple x7
  • Grilled Tail Curry– Slowpoke Tail x8, Fiery Herb x25
  • Solar Power Tomato Curry– Snoozy Tomato x10, Fiery Herb x5
  • Dream Eater Butter Curry– Soft Potato x18, Snoozy Tomato x15, Soothing Cacao x12, Moomoo Milk x10
  • Spicy Leek Curry– Large Leek x14, Warming Ginger x10, Fiery Herb x8
  • Spore Mushroom Curry– Tasty Mushroom x14, Soft Potato x9
  • Egg Bomb Curry– Honey x12, Fancy Apple x11, Fancy Egg x8, Soft Potato x4
  • Hearty Cheeseburger Curry– Moomoo Milk x8, Bean Sausage x8
  • Soft Potato Chowder– Moomoo Milk x10, Soft Potato x8, Tasty Mushroom x4
  • Simple Chowder– Moomoo Milk x7
  • Beanburger Curry– Bean Sausage x7
  • Mild Honey Curry– Honey x7
  • Ninja Curry–  Greengrass Soybeans x15, Bean Sausage x9, Large Leek x9, Tasty Mushroom x5
  • Drought Katsu Curry– Bean Sausage x10, Pure Oil x5
  • Melty Omelette Curry– Fancy Egg x10, Snoozy Tomato x6
  • Bulk Up Bean Curry– Greengrass Soybeans x12, Bean Sausage x6, Fiery Herb x4, Fancy Egg x4

Salad recipes in Pokemon Sleep

  • Mixed Salad– A combination of ingredients that are not another recipe
  • Slowpoke Tail Pepper Salad– Slowpoke Tail x10, Fiery Herb x10, Pure Oil x15
  • Spore Mushroom Salad– Tasty Mushroom x17, Snoozy Tomato x8, Pure Oil x8
  • Snow Cloak Caesar Salad – Moomoo Milk x10, Bean Sausage x6
  • Gluttony Potato Salad– Soft Potato x14, Fancy Egg x9, Bean Sausage x7, Fancy Apple x6
  • Water Veil Tofu Salad– Greengrass Soybeans x10, Snoozy Tomato x6
  • Superpower Extreme Salad– Bean Sausage x9, Warming Ginger x6, Fancy Egg x5, Soft Potato x3
  • Bean Ham Salad– Bean Sausage x8
  • Snoozy Tomato Salad– Snoozy Tomato x8
  • Moomoo Caprese Salad– Moomoo Milk x12, Snoozy Tomato x6, Pure Oil x5
  • Contrary Chocolate Meat Salad– Soothing Cacao x14, Bean Sausage x9
  • Overheat Ginger Salad– Fiery Herb x17, Warming Ginger x10, Snoozy Tomato x8
  • Fancy Apple Salad– Fancy Apple x8
  • Immunity Leek Salad– Large Leek x10, Warming Ginger x5
  • Dazzling Apple Cheese Salad– Fancy Apple x15, Moomoo Milk x5, Pure Oil x3
  • Ninja Salad– Large Leek x15, Greengrass Soybeans x15, Tasty Mushroom x12, Warming Ginger x11
  • Heat Wave Tofu Salad– Greengrass Soybeans x10, Fiery Herb x6

Dessert recipes in Pokemon Sleep

  • Mixed Juice– A combination of ingredients that are not another recipe
  • Fluffy Sweet Potatoes– Soft Potato x9, Moomoo Milk x5
  • Steadfast Ginger Cookies– Honey x14, Warming Ginger x12, Soothing Cacao x5, Fancy Egg x4
  • Fancy Apple Juice– Fancy Apple x8
  • Craft Soda Pop– Honey x9
  • Ember Ginger Tea– Warming Ginger x9, Fancy Apple x7
  • Jigglypuff’s Fruity Flan– Honey x20, Fancy Egg x15, Moomoo Milk x10, Fancy Apple x10
  • Lovely Kiss Smoothie– Fancy Apple x11, Moomoo Milk x9, Honey x7, Soothing Cacao x8
  • Lucky Chant Apple Pie– Fancy Apple x12, Moomoo Milk x4
  • Neroli’s Restorative Tea– Warming Ginger x11, Fancy Apple x15, Tasty Mushroom x9
  • Sweet Scent Chocolate Cake– Honey x9, Soothing Cacao x8, Moomoo Milk x7
  • Warm Moomoo Milk– Moomoo Milk x7
  • Cloud Nine Soy Cake– Fancy Egg x8, Greengrass Soybeans x7
  • Hustle Protein Smoothie– Greengrass Soybeans x15, Soothing Cacao x8
  • Stalwart Vegetable Juice– Snoozy Tomato x9, Fancy Apple x7
  • Big Malasada– Pure Oil x10, Moomoo Milk x7, Honey x6
  • Huge Power Soy Donuts– Pure Oil x9, Greengrass Soybeans x6, Soothing Cacao x7

How to get ingredients Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon collect goodies and meal ingredients for the player.

pikachu pokemon sleep

When starting the game, players get a Pikachu and will meet more Pokemon after each sleep cycle. In the morning, they can feed these new Pokemon biscuits. The Pokemon whose appetites are completely sated will be added to their party. 

The Pokemon on the player’s team will be the ones they sleep with most frequently. Not only that, these Pokemon will gather candy, ingredients, and berries for the player to use. Snorlax will eat the berries as soon as they are collected from the Helper Pokemon, but the ingredients will go into the user’s inventory, where they will then be able to be put in a meal. 

In the beginning, both the inventory and cooking pot have a limit for how many ingredients they can hold. As players earn more in-game currency, they can expand their bag space and the size of their pot. By doing so, players will be able to make meals using up to 15 ingredients

How to cook in Pokemon Sleep

Players can cook in Pokemon Sleep by simply using the cooking pot.

Cooking in Pokemon Sleep is easy to do. After gathering ingredients from the Pokemon on the team, players can head over to the pot that is located by the campsite. Remember that it can only be used during specific times each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

When clicking the pot, players will be given the option to hit “automatic” and it will generate a random dish. Pokemon Sleep players can also manually choose their ingredients from the recipes above to make the desired dish they want. Feeding Snorlax will give it more power, providing the player with extra rewards after each sleep cycle that let them level up and progress faster. While Snorlax is a big part of Pokemon from the video games to the TCG it only just returned in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC.

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