How to get Gimmighoul and evolve it to Gholdengo in Pokemon GO

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Gholdengo is a powerful Pokemon, but players face a long road when it comes to getting a Gimmighoul and evolving it in Pokemon GO.

Gholdengo is the evolution of the Gimmighoul, a gen-nine Pokemon that was introduced with its GO-exclusive Roaming Form instead of its Scarlet and Violet-exclusive Chest Form. If players want to get this pricy Pokemon, it will take them a bit of work to do it due to its unique method of evolution.

Even though getting this Pokemon might be a lot of work, players will definitely be pleased once they do it. Gholdengo has excellent defensive typing with strong offensive options to make it a great Pokemon for both bragging rights and battle.

How to get Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO

Players can get Gimmighoul by linking their Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game with Pokemon GO or by visiting PokeStops that have an active Golden Lure Module. The first method is the most reliable but requires players to use both games at the same time.

The process is simple but is buried within the menus of both games. It also requires players to actually own a Nintendo Switch and one of the games, so players who don’t have them will need to wait to find a Golden Lure PokeStop in order to catch one. Players who enjoy both Pokemon GO and Scarlet and Violet can easily get a Gimmighoul.

First, pair a Pokemon GO account with Pokemon Scarlet or Violet by following these steps:

  • Open Pokemon GO on a mobile device and Pokemon Scarlet or Violet on the Nintendo Switch
  • In Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, press X and open the Poke Portal
  • Select Mystery Gift, then Connect to Pokemon GO
  • Select Pair with Pokemon GO account
  • In Pokemon GO, open the settings menu
  • Select Connected Devices and Services
  • In the
  • Select Nintendo Switch and select “Connect to Nintendo Switch” under the Resources section
  • Pair the accounts

After, Pokemon GO and Scarlet or Violet are now paired. This same process can be done with Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee or Pikachu to send Pokemon into those titles. After pairing Pokemon GO with Scarlet or Violet, players can then obtain a Coin Bag which is used to catch Gimmighoul by following these steps:

  • In Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, select “Connect to Pokemon GO” in the Mystery Gift menu
  • In Pokemon GO, open the items menu and select the Postcard Book
  • Send a Postcard
  • Receive the Coin Bag
  • Use the Coin Bag to start seeing Gimmighoul spawn

Functionality between Pokemon GO and other Pokemon games has become the norm, ranging from Snorlax events with Pokemon Sleep to special features with Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. The item works much the same as the Mysterious Box used to get Meltan with Pokemon HOME. Players can activate the Coin Bag to get Gimmighoul to appear, which they can then catch normally.


How to evolve Gimmighoul and get Gholdengo in Pokemon GO

To evolve the Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, players will need to collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins. This applies to both its Chest Form and Roaming Form, though Chest Form Gimmighoul is not available in Pokemon GO. Gholdengo is the same Pokemon regardless of which form it evolves from.

This is the part that will take a long time for trainers. Collecting Gimmighoul Coins isn’t hard but can be a brutal grind for players. It works much the same as other Pokemon that require huge amounts of candies to evolve but with a bit more RNG at play. 

The fastest way to collect Gimmighoul Coins

The fastest way to get Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon GO is by bringing together multiple players with Golden Lure Modules to use them on a batch of nearby PokeStops.

The quickest way to get these Gimmighoul coins will be by stopping by PokeStops with an active Golden Lure Module. Players can get a Golden Lure Module by sending Mystery Gifts from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet after connecting the two games. The item appears in Pokemon GO after sending gifts for a certain number of days. When a PokeStop is lured in this way, players can spin it for a chance at receiving Gimmighoul Coins.

golden lure module pokemon scqrlet violet

After players have collected enough coins, they will then have the option to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo in Pokemon GO. Players can use the Coin Bag to catch more Gimmighouls, allowing them to get the necessary candies for powering it up.

Best Gholdengo moveset in Pokemon GO

Gholdengo’s best moveset in Pokemon GO is the combination of Hex and Shadow Ball.

While the most expensive Pokemon in the franchise is defined by its unique Make It Rain move in the video games, this steel-type attack isn’t available in Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, neither is any other steel-type move.

Instead, Gholdengo is best served by doubling down on ghost moves. Hex is the preferred DPS option over Astonish, and Shadow Ball synergizes with it to offer strong neutral coverage across most types as well as supereffective damage against the many psychic-type legendaries.

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