Will there be a Scream video game? Here’s what we know

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Scream is a movie that many watch on Halloween each year, but there might just be a video game to haunt players on the way.

The Scream franchise is very popular, with six installments out and a seventh in the works. Something that hasn’t been done yet is a proper Scream video game. The title has had both board games and apps based on the films, but hasn’t received the proper console release that horror classics like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street have.

That might just be changing, though. A leak posted on Twitter suggests that a Scream game could be in the works. Nothing has been confirmed by any developers or other official sources as of yet. 

Is there a Scream video game being made?

A supposed leaker has stated that a Scream video game is in the works but no evidence is provided and the leaker has no notable leaks to their name. There is no official word on a Scream game from any video game or movie company.

TheTipSterVG stated on Twitter that a Scream adaptation is in the works. They speculate that Supermassive Games would be perfect to develop it. Supermassive Games is the studio behind the horror game Until Dawn, a PlayStation 4 game in the same vein as classic slasher films that garnered strong critical praise.

Supermassive Games churns out games at a regular clip and has Little Nightmares 3 and The Dark Pictures Anthology: Directive 8020 in the works. The studio also has multiple titles trademarked for future Dark Pictures games, meaning it is likely busy for the foreseeable future.

There are some signs of Scream moving into the world of video games, however. Data miners uncovered evidence in Mortal Kombat 1 suggesting that the iconic Ghostface character may be coming to the game.

What would a Scream game look like?

Supermassive Games has taken the slasher film genre and successfully converted it into an adventure game several times over. A Scream game using that formula would be a comfortable fit.

Another option for Scream would be titles like Dead by Daylight and the earlier mentioned title Friday the 13th. Both are asymmetric multiplayer titles where most players are probable victims of a scary creature controlled by one player. 

While a Scream game could take a very similar approach to the ones listed above, it could be different and have a more open-world style. It could hypothetically do something similar to 7 Days To Die, where players have the freedom to find a way to survive rather than just running away. 

No video game based on the Scream movie franchise has been confirmed. There are definitely many interesting possibilities for the title, though.

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