The Batman: Arkham series is returning, and you’ll probably hate it

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In a surprise turn of events, a new Arkham game titled Batman: Arkham Shadow was announced, but it’s a Meta Quest 3 exclusive title.

The Batman Arkham series is one of the most beloved video game adaptations out there. With iconic games like Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, fans have been clamoring for Rocksteady Studios to return to the series for a proper console release. In fact, a large chunk of the controversy surrounding Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League likely stems from the fact it’s in the Arkhamverse and isn’t the Arkham Knight sequel fans crave.

It seemed like prayers were answered with the announcement of a brand new Arkham game. However, its platform and Rocksteady not being involved led to a wave of backlash before the game was even properly revealed.

What is Batman: Arkham Shadow?

Batman: Arkham Shadow is an upcoming virtual reality game presumably set in the Arkham universe.

Interestingly, Rocksteady isn’t the studio developing the game, with Camouflaj taking up the reins. Camouflaj is the studio behind the Iron Man VR game, and is working alongside Oculus Studios. Its development is in partnership with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics.

There isn’t much detail about the upcoming game, as fans only have a cinematic trailer to go off of. The fact that it has the Arkham name suggests it might be set in the Arkham universe, as was the case with 2016’s Batman: Arkham VR. It’s unknown who will voice Batman in Arkham Shadow.

This subject becoming hotly contested due to the death of Kevin Conroy. Conroy, who voiced Batman across numerous animated adaptations and video games, died in November 2022. The portrayal of Batman in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League frustrated fans, as many believed it to be his final work.

The first Batman VR game opted to take a more detective-esque approach as the game and featured no combat. Instead, Batman solved crimes by interacting with objects in the environment and Arkham Shadow could take a similar approach.

Batman: Arkham Shadow release date details

Batman: Arkham Shadow is slated to be released in late 2024 as a Meta Quest 3 exclusive title, though there’s no definitive release date.

According to Geoff Keighley, fans will get more information on the VR title on June 7 during the Summer Game Fest. The exact release date and gameplay for the title will likely be revealed during the event.

However, fans expecting another action-adventure console game in the series are criticizing the title for its VR approach. With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League already facing overwhelming rejection from fans, it remains to be seen if WB or Rocksteady will decide to release a new mainline Arkham game for consoles.

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