The PS5 Pro’s specs reportedly revealed with release date info

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A definitive lineup of specs for the PS5 Pro are being reported and if true, the new console will boast a significant performance boost over the standard PS5.

Reports regarding an upgraded PlayStation 5 console have been swirling for months. In December, it was reported that developers had access to PS5 Pro devkits. More recently was word of Sony sharing PS5 Pro details with developers. There has been more beyond that, but actual numbers regarding its specs have been elusive.

There were signs of an imminent reveal, with YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead even claiming on March 14 to have a Sony documentation detailing the console’s specs. Now, the numbers they put forward are being corroborated.

What are the revealed PS5 Pro specs?

The PS5 Pro will have greater memory, graphical performance, and audio than the standard PS5, according to reports. It also reportedly set to have a dedicated upscaling mode.

This comes from Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, who states that the PS5 Pro will have 576 GB/s of system memory, a 28% increase from the standard’s 448 GB/s. While the CPU has the same specs as the original model, the PS5 Pro will reportedly introduce a “High CPU Frequency Mode” that elevates the CPU performance by 10% or up to 3.85GHz compared to the original’s 3.5GHz cap. It’s said that because more power is allocated to the CPU in this mode, the end result will be a slight 1% decrease in GPU performance. 

Alongside this are increased ray-tracing capabilities and a proprietary upscaling technology dubbed PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling, which will be able to support up to 8K output. The PS5 Pro’s specs add up to 33.5 teraflops of processing power.

The goal is to give games like GTA 6 an extra touch of ultra-realism, as the consoles was reportedly being pushed forward specifically to be ready in time for the release of Rockstar Games’ upcoming mega-hit.

Finally, the release window of the PS5 Pro is reportedly Fall 2024, which would be on the earlier end of the estimates of industry experts that were previously put forward. There is no official word on a new version of the console, but given the existence of the PS4 Pro and Microsoft openly stating that it intends to launch a new Xbox console by the end of 2024, this seems possible.

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Written by Mohamed Hassan

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