Here’s who will be voicing crewmates in the new Among Us show

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Among Us is getting an animated show, and developer Innersloth has revealed some of the new show’s cast members involved in the project to be well-known actors.

While video games often received movie adaptations in the past, the industry is slowly but surely leaning towards adapting its creative works into TV shows instead, with the upcoming Knuckles TV series being a prime example. While Knuckles is a predominantly live-action adaptation, the upcoming show adapting Among Us, a game that took the world by storm in 2020, will be entirely animated.

Not much is known yet about the Among Us animated show, but fans have information on some of the actors they can expect to hear voicing the ship’s crewmates. The developer and animating studio of the show were also revealed by Innersloth, increasing the hype for the upcoming show even further.

Who are the voice cast members for the Among Us animated show?

Randall Park, Ashley Johnson, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Elijah Wood are all part of the Among Us animated show voice cast.

An Innersloth blog post provides fans with extra information about the characters these actors will voice, including a rundown of their characteristics.

The red crewmate is voiced by Randall Park, known for his roles in Fresh off the Boat and in the MCU. Red is a blowhard and people-pleaser who’s Captain of the Skeld, which is likely the name of the ship the show will take place on. 

Ashley Johnson, known for voicing Ellie in The Last of Us and teenage Gwen Tennyson in the Ben 10 series, will voice the purple crewmate. Purple is the sarcastic and ever-suspicious Chief of Security who has some understandable trust issues. 

Emmy-nominated actress Yvette Nicole Brown will voice the orange crewmate. Known for her roles in Drake and Josh and A Black Lady Sketch Show, Brown’s portrayal of Orange will be as a “spineless corporate shill.”

Finally, the green crewmate will be voiced by Wood, who rose to fame in large part thanks to his portrayal of Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Green is an unpaid intern who’s just happy to be there, at least at the show’s outset.

Alongside the announcement of these four actors, Innersloth announced that it would disclose more actors and their roles “in the coming weeks.” 

Who is animating the new Among Us TV show?

The Among Us TV show is under development by CBS Studios and is being animated by Titmouse.

The animation studio Titmouse is known for shows like Big Mouth and Megas XLR, and is currently working on Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The creator behind the upcoming show is Owen Dennis, who is best known as the creator of Infinity Train. 

The show’s premise is the same as in the games, as crew members have an imposter among them and they must identify the impersonator before it’s too late. Viewers will likely follow the show through the eyes of the crewmates and will get a reveal near the show’s end.

It’s unknown how many episodes the Among Us Animated show will have or when the premier episode will debut.

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