Data mines reveal name and abilities of Valorant Agent 25

valorant agent 25

Fans can get a good look at Valorant Agent 25, internally codenamed Clove, thanks to mined data from the game.

While Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 has started, Riot has yet to give fans much information about the upcoming Agent 25 aside from when they’ll get an official reveal. Data miners decided to take matters into their own hands to see what they could discover from the game’s files, and a well-known Valorant data miner seems to have uncovered a lot about Agent 25.

In addition to finding the agent’s name, the data miner also discovered the name of every ability the upcoming agent will have, giving fans a way to speculate as they wait for Riot to officially reveal Agent 25.

What is Valorant Agent 25’s name?

According to mined data, Agent 25’s name is “Clove,” although they also have a handful of codenames.

Some Spanish Agent voice lines that came with the Episode 8 Act 2 update suggest that the agent’s name would be Cloud. However, Riot Games put the name Clove in the agent’s files, which may or may not be their official name. It’s possible the internal files may use an alias.

As for codenames, Clove has a handful of them. The initial codename that leaked the agent’s existence was SmokeDancer. That, along with the newly-revealed codename “Smonk,” further suggests that the agent will be a controller with smoke-based abilities.

Valorant Agent 25 abilities uncovered?

Agent 25’s abilities are named “Pick Me Up,” “Meddle,” and “Ruse.” It’s unknown what their ultimate ability is.

“Pick Me Up” is the agent’s C ability. The ability may be similar to Jett’s “Updraft” ability that raises the agent in the air. It also might be a teleportation-based ability like Omen’s “Shrouded Step.”

“Meddle” is Valorant Agent 25’s Q ability, and its name suggests that it might mess with the enemy’s abilities, movement, or weapons. Kay/O is the closest example of an agent who can suppress enemy agent abilities.

Finally, “Ruse” is their E ability. Considering the agent’s smoke-based codenames, their Ruse ability likely indicates deceiving enemies. The deceiving may be vision-based like Yoru’s “Fakeout” ability where he sends out a hologram, or audio-based, where the agent fakes audio queues like planting the spike.

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