Will Persona 6 be on Xbox Series X/S? Here’s what we know

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The Persona series has quickly gone from being Playstation-exclusive to a multi-platform franchise, and reports suggest Xbox players might get Persona 6 on their Series X/S consoles.

Persona 6 has been the subject of much discussion and many leaks, including details on the game’s setting. Although Atlus or Sega haven’t given any official information about the game beyond the fact it’s being developed, all signs point to it not being a Playstation exclusive.

Alongside details about which platforms Persona 6 might be playable on at launch, an Atlus-related leaker gave fans information on the game’s development progress. They also stated an estimated release window for Persona 6 and whether it’ll have DLC. 

Is Persona 6 going to be on Xbox Series X/S or Game Pass?

A reporter claims that Persona 6 might launch on the Xbox. However, there’s no official confirmation of this.

This claim comes from Nate the Hate of the DirectXbox podcast, who previously leaked information on Xbox-related titles, including being the first to discuss Xbox’s multi-platform push. He suggests that the new Persona game might come to the Xbox and PlayStation by stating that the title might be out on multiple platforms. SEGA has internally discussed emphasizing multiplatform releases in its internal reports, and Persona 6, though Nate stated that he isn’t sure if the game will launch simultaneously on different platforms.

There also isn’t a clear picture regarding whether Persona 6 will be on Xbox Game Pass at launch, though current precedent suggests it’s unlikely. So far, Persona 5 Tactica, Persona 3 Reload, and its Expansion Pass have gotten day-one Xbox Game Pass treatment. The Xbox ports of Persona 5 Royal, Persona 3 Portable, and Persona 4 Golden also landed on the platform.

Sega has been holding back on putting its biggest releases on Game Pass, however. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth wasn’t made available on Game Pass, and major releases are seemingly opting out of day-one availability on subscription services.

When will Persona 6 come out?

Atlus or Sega still needs to provide information about when Persona 6 will launch. However, multiple reports suggest Atlus is aiming for a 2025 release.

Although there’s no official word on Persona 6’s release date, leaks have given fans an idea of when it may launch. A leak in late 2023 by Midori, a well-known Atlus-based leaker, claimed Persona 6 might be released in 2025 while also providing details on a new Shin Megami Tensei title. 

Head on the Block, another Atlus-focused leaker, supported the leaks by claiming in a ResetEra thread that Persona 6 is 95% complete and “is releasing next year” in 2025. 

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