Agent 25 coming to Valorant, abilities and release date hinted


While Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 has already kicked off, fans are now wondering when Agent 25 will get their official reveal.

At the start of Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 1, data miners searched for signs of anything new coming to the game in this latest episode. While miners discovered everything about the Outlaw sniper rifle before the gun’s formal announcement, not much has been found about the upcoming Agent 25 besides a potential codename: SmokeDancer.

With Episode 8 Act 2 underway, fans are wondering when the agent will get an official reveal, and Valorant’s X account might have the answer. Fortunately, the agent’s official reveal may be coming sooner than later.

Valorant Agent 25 official reveal date

Agent 25 will get an official reveal during the Masters Madrid Finals on March 24, according to a post on the official Valorant X account.

The Episode 8 Act 2 patch added some teasers for the upcoming agent, suggesting the reveal may be close. The teasers include audio clips and posters set near the attacker spawn on Sunset, as well as additional posters and butterflies near the attacker spawn on Breeze.

Further information comes from data miner ValorLeaks, who has previously leaked Valorant-related information including Iso’s abilities and the map pool for Episode 8 Act 1. The reliable leaker stated on X that the Sunset teaser is called “FrogRave.”

Who is Agent 25 in Valorant?

Agent 25 is an upcoming playable character in Valorant who will likely be added to the game sometime in March 2024 as a Controller.

Some Spanish Agent voice lines suggest that the upcoming agent’s name is “Cloud,” and that they have a resurrect ability. Those voice lines also mentioned Brimstone’s visit to Scotland’s capital of Edinburgh specifically, which means Agent 25 might be of Scottish nationality.

While the upcoming character was called “SmokeDancer” in the game’s files, the files for the teasers added in the Episode 8 Act 2 patch indicate the agent’s codename might also be “FrogRave.” Valorant agents might sometimes have multiple codenames, like how Jett has three, but their in-game name is always one syllable, further suggesting the name Cloud.

While the codename SmokeDancer indicates Agent 25’s abilities could be smoke-based and similar to Omen, an audio note from Fade suggests otherwise.

The agent says, “I see someone I have never seen before, bright lights starting around a dim room, silenced gunfire…and hundreds of butterflies,” indicating that Agent 25’s abilities will have something to do with butterflies. The butterfly association is further suggested by a leaked player card and teasers for the upcoming agent which all have the agent’s trademark blue butterfly featured.

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