Everything about the Outlaw, Valorant Episode 8’s new sniper rifle

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Data miners have revealed information on the new Outlaw sniper rifle that will be coming in Valorant Episode 8, marking the first weapon addition to the game in over three years.

Valorant Episode 8 is inching closer as Riot Games steadily reveals what the new season will bring. It seems fans won’t have to wait too long to learn about arguably the biggest addition to the popular FPS game, as ValorLeaks, the same leaker who initially broke the news of Deadlock’s GravNet buff, claims that Valorant will be getting a brand-new weapon in the upcoming season.

The upcoming Valorant weapon is seemingly a sniper rifle named Outlaw and it’ll be the first weapon addition to the game in over three years. With the release date of Valorant Episode 8 already known, fans know when they can expect to see the Outlaw in Valorant’s buy menu.

Outlaw credit cost, uses, and viability in Valorant

According to data mines, Valorant is adding a new sniper rifle named Outlaw.

The gun will reportedly serve as a middle ground between the often-overlooked Marshal and the meta-defining Operator. The Outlaw will cost 2,400 credits as opposed to the Marshal’s 950 and the Operator’s hefty 4,700 price tag. It will likely be a niche option that will only work on certain levels in specific economic situations but fills a niche that hasn’t been addressed.

Although Riot Games hasn’t officially revealed any information on the upcoming weapon, hidden files indicate that the Outlaw is a two-barrelled weapon, suggesting that it fires two bullets simultaneously. The data also indicates that it’ll only have a two-bullet capacity, forcing players to reload after each blast.

Valorant Episode 8 release date

Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 will begin on January 10, 2024, although the exact time hasn’t been revealed yet.

Valorant Iso

In addition to the usual Battle Pass reset and the Outlaw, the new Valorant season may or may not bring a new agent or map. The last addition to the game came in the form of the duelist Iso, and tradition suggests a new map may follow suit. However, Riot may opt to have the Outlaw be the big new addition for the season, and skip any map or agent additions.

Leaked information regarding the upcoming episode’s battle pass suggests that a new melee weapon skin will be added in addition to a “Kuronami” Vandal skin. When equipped, the melee weapon will turn into a chain blade, and it’s speculated that its inspect animation will have the agent swing the chain around.

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