New Valorant agent Iso revealed with new tank abilities

Valorant Iso

Riot has released a new agent trailer for Agent 24, Iso, showcasing his never-before-seen abilities including some brand new game-changing shields. 

Following the releases of Gekko and Deadlock, Iso is set to join the current Valorant roster this October. Hailing from China, Iso is a fixer for hire who harnesses ambient energy to turn himself into a bulletproof one-tap machine.

According to the new duelist’s designer, Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith, their aim was to create an exciting duelist centered around gunplay and excitement. Nickwu added that the designer wanted Iso to be played like a Juggernaut, which explains his ability to bring out shields to protect himself and his team. Iso is also intended to be the perfect pick for players who are into tapping multiple orbs and spending time inside aim trainers. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Valorant’s seventh duelist and all of his new abilities. 

What are Iso’s abilities in Valorant?

Iso’s abilities mainly revolve around creating shields, making him and his team bulletproof, and deploying a large combat arena. Unlike the existing duelists, he does not have any wild movement mechanics, nor vision-blocking blinds. 

Prior to Iso’s release, character producer John Goscicki mentioned that this latest agent will introduce a new twist that players would not expect to see in Valorant. Iso is a self-sufficient duelist much like Reyna and Jett due to his ability to essentially turn into a tank, making him much harder to kill. He also has the abilities to help his team by putting up a large shield as those teammates rush in. 

Here are his abilities in full and how each of them works. 

C – Contingency: Iso equips a prismatic energy wall that can be pushed forward. It behaves like Harbor’s High Tide, but Contingency can block bullets. 

Q – Undercut: Uses a molecular bolt that travels forward, applying the fragile status to all players it touches. This ability passes through solid objects including walls, just like how Omen’s Paranoia works. Opponents that are affected by this status effect will be vulnerable and will receive twice the damage. 

E – Double Tap: When Iso’s signature ability Double Tap is activated, it will start a focus timer. Once it completes, he will enter a flow state which will generate an energy orb upon taking down an opponent. Shooting this orb will allow him to grant a shield that will absorb one instance of damage from any source. 

X – Kill Contract: Iso prepares an interdimensional arena. Upon activating, he will hurl a column of energy through the battlefield, pulling himself and the first enemy hit into the arena. Both players will engage in a 1v1 fight until one is defeated. If neither player is eliminated within a certain time duration, both will die.

When is Iso’s release date?

The newest duelist in Valorant, Iso, is expected to arrive on October 31, 2023. 

Upon release, it is likely that players will have to complete the recruitment event first, playing and reaching 200,000 XP to unlock Iso, just as was the case for the arrival of Deadlock. Once the event concludes, players will have the option to recruit Iso by spending 8,000 Kingdom Credits.

Alternatively, players can also opt to spend Valorant Points to instantly use Iso in their next games.

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Written by Nina Forneloza

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