Leak gives hints about new Valorant agent SmokeDancer abilities

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A data miner and leaker might have discovered information on a new Valorant agent called SmokeDancer, who is reportedly coming to Valorant sometime in early 2024.

With Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 set to begin on January 10, 2024, data miners have started sifting through the game’s files to discover anything of potential note. While a new sniper named Outlaw was revealed previously by ValorLeaks, the same data miner has now revealed information on another new playable agent coming to the game.

The upcoming agent is seemingly a controller and will be introduced to the game with Episode 8 Act 2 of Valorant. The agent’s codename has also been revealed due to a player card coming in Episode 8 Act 1, and it gives fans an idea of what abilities the agent will have as well as their potential fashion sense.

Who is the new agent coming to Valorant?

According to data mines, Valorant is introducing a new agent codenamed “SmokeDancer.” 

The agent’s codename was revealed thanks to a mined player card that will be included in Episode 8 Act 1’s Battle Pass, which also indicates that the agent might be a controller. The last agent introduced to the game in 2023 was also initially hinted at through the BulletProof player card, so this is on-brand for Riot Games.

The card features an obscure silhouette of what seems to be a butterfly or moth, along with shades of pink, purple, and yellow, implying that SmokeDancer’s character model might feature similar colors.


While information on SmokeDancer’s abilities has not been revealed, their assumed controller role suggests that the agent’s abilities will likely focus on obscuring enemy vision and controlling space. The SmokeDancer codename might also hint that the agent can interact with smoke in some way, potentially shaking up the smoke meta that dominated a majority of Episode 7.

When will new Valorant agent SmokeDancer release?

The data miner states that SmokeDancer will release into the game with Valorant Episode 8 Act 2. Although an exact date for the second act of Episode 8 hasn’t been given, the usual pattern of new act timings suggests that Episode 8 Act 2 will begin in the first half of March 2024
The new agent will increase Valorant’s roster of playable characters to 24 and will be the first agent to be introduced in 2024. Since the sentinel Deadlock and the duelist Iso were the last two agents to be added to the game, SmokeDancer’s apparent Controller role hints that the next agent will likely be an Initiator, continuing a pattern of adding a balanced spread of agent types to the game.

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