Here’s what we know about the Bleach Rebirth of Souls game

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The resurrection of the Bleach franchise may continue with a European trademark filing by Shueisha for “Bleach Rebirth of Souls” hinting at a new fighting game based on the hit anime and manga series.

Bleach currently has two active games in Bleach Brave Souls and Bleach: Immortal Soul, both of which are effectively mobile games despite the former being ported to PC and PlayStation 4. Another mobile game, Bleach: Soul Resonance, is in development and is slated for a 2024 mobile release. The game’s development is progressing smoothly despite the publisher’s planned closure, and the developer said it’s considering other platforms for the game.

Bleach fans are waiting for a proper console game similar to Soul Resurreccion, which debuted on PS3 in 2011, or a fighting game in the same vein as the Heat the Soul series by Eighting, the studio behind the upcoming Hunter X Hunter game. The heightened excitement among fans is partly fueled by the success of “Thousand Year Blood War,” the final season of the Bleach story. The recent trademark filing suggests that even more projects related to the series are coming.

Is Bleach Rebirth of Souls getting a console release?

Filings related to Bleach Rebirth of Souls suggest that the game may be a console game, but its actual platform list is uncertain.

The trademark filing specifies that the game falls under Nice Class 9 and 41. Class 9 encompasses video games, computer software, and other electronic devices, while Class 41 covers a broader range of categories related to entertainment media. 

Console games like Dragon Ball Sparking Zero have received similar classifications as have some mobile-only video games. The game could receive a console release, but it’s unclear if it will.

Bleach is still waiting on a critically successful console game. Though there were well-received handheld games for the Nintendo DS after the anime’s initial release, the console games based on the series were either Japan-exclusive or critical flops. This includes crossover games like Shonen Jump crossover fighting game Jump Force.

Is Bleach Rebirth of Souls getting a worldwide release? 

Bleach Rebirth of Souls will likely receive a worldwide release, but nothing is officially stated yet.

The trademark filing was listed on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website, or EUIPO for short. The fact that the game is being positioned for a release in Europe suggests that a worldwide release is likely.

bleach sternritter
The Sternritter from Bleach

Given the timing, it is likely that characters from the ongoing Thousand Year Blood War arc such as The Sternritter will make an appearance. There could also be exclusive content such as new transformations for existing characters, something fans of Bleach Brave Souls are used to. There are also transformations that have never been adapted in a Bleach console game before, such as Ichigo’s final Dual Blade form.

The game may also feature characters from the spin-off manga Burn The Witch. Burn The Witch introduces new characters in the same world as Bleach and has had crossovers with the game Bleach Brave Souls.

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