A new Hunter X Hunter fighting game is in development

hunter x hunter fighting game

A new Hunter X Hunter fighting game is now confirmed to be in development, with more details set to be announced next month. Here’s what we know so far.

Hunter X Hunter’s presence in the fighting game genre has been somewhat scarce compared to other prominent anime like Dragon Ball and Naruto. The main characters of the property were featured in crossover arena fighting games such as Jump Super Stars, J-Stars Victory Vs, and Jump Force. However, most of the games dedicated to the series have leaned more towards the adventure RPG genre rather than fighting games.

This has frustrated some fans, as the series includes many formidable characters and sophisticated fighting systems like the Nen system that could easily be adapted into game form. Now it seems that these fans will finally have something to quench their thirst for more Hunter x Hunter game content. Moreover, it will come from a prominent developer in the anime fighting game industry.

Hunter X Hunter fighting game developed by Marvel Vs Capcom studio

The upcoming Hunter X Hunter fighting game will be developed by Eighting, while Bushiroad will be in charge of publishing. This information was announced at the Bushiroad booth during the opening ceremony of Jump Festa 2024.

Eighting is best known for co-developing the fighting game series Marvel vs. Capcom, one of the most popular team-based fighting games in the genre. Eighting has also developed one-on-one fighting games for several other anime series such as Bleach, Naruto, Fate/Stay Night, and Full Metal Alchemist. The developer has worked as well on fighting games for other non-anime IPs as well, including Castlevania Judgement and Dungeons and Fighters’ DNF Duel.

hunter x hunter fighting game

Eighting’s extensive portfolio ranges from 2D fighting games to 3D cel-shaded fighting games to full arena fighters, making it difficult to anticipate which direction the upcoming Hunter X Hunter game will take. The report confirms that the game will be a full-fledged console game, debunking the idea that it might be another android game like the recent Hunter X Hunter: Arena Battle and DeNA’s 2023 Hunter × Hunter Mobage

What kind of fighting game will Hunter x Hunter be?

The Hunter X Hunter game was referred to in its debut announcement with terminology that could be used for a one-versus-one fighting game, but it could also be used as a general reference for fighting games, so whether the game is single-player or team-based like Marvel vs. Capcom is not yet clear. 

YouTuber Rooflemonger, a known figure in the fighting game community, said in a recent video that “the game will be a proper 2D fighting game” according to his own sources, not an arena fighting game. What he may be implying is that it could end up being something close to Arc System Works’ traditional brand of fighting games, which includes Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Strive, and the like.

Many fans are anticipating that the upcoming game will have playable characters from the Chimera Ant arc, the 13th Election arc, and the Succession Contest arc, as they are the most popular Hunter x Hunter story arcs. Many powerful characters in these arcs have never appeared in any game, with the notable except of the Chimera Ant arc’s main villain Meruem and his appearance as a DLC character in Jump Force. That game is now delisted from all major online stores.

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