A Bloodborne fan is perfectly recreating the game in Minecraft

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Fascinated by the dark and elegant style of Bloodborne, Japanese Minecraft player and environment artist Potomy is remaking the modern classic in Minecraft.

Released in 2015, FromSoftware’s Bloodborne went in a very different direction from its Medieval fantasy cousins. The game donned Victorian-inspired gothic garb embroidered with Lovecraftian horror elements. It used a limited color palette of dark and muted tones, with the buildings, streets, and atmosphere showing both beauty and decay. The unique aesthetic and identity of the game caught the attention of the world and stands out among other games even now.

Bloodborne was nominated for a slew of awards for both its gameplay and visual design. There was little doubt that Bloodborne was a work of art that would stand the test of time, and eight years later, it’s still living rent-free in Soulsborne fans’ heads.

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Bloodborne meets Minecraft in stunning fan creation

There is currently no official Bloodborne x Minecraft crossover, but Japanese fan Potomy intends to personally recreate much of the game in the ever-evolving sandbox game.

In a video commemorating the two-year anniversary of the project, one of Bloodborne’s iconic in-game locations was shown. The video shows the desolate city of Yharnam, where the game begins. The user also posted some shots that are hard to distinguish from the original creation, an amazing feat given Minecraft’s voxel aesthetic.

In another video posted last month, the user mentioned that they were inspired to take on this Minecraft project by Bloodborne’s Nightmare of Mensis. The Nightmare of Mensis is a huge castle structure that houses many libraries and strange artifacts, including a gigantic brain that melts players’ health bars with brain-destroying arrows.

Potomy stated that they plan to make Central Yharnam, Cathedral Ward, Upper Cathedral Ward, and Old Yharnam in Minecraft. They also mentioned that they plan to create parts of Yharnam that were previously inaccessible in the original game. 

minecraft bloodborne yharnam

It was difficult for users to find or create an accurate map of Yharnam at launch because the game uses a design method that makes locations appear larger than they actually are from the player’s perspective. This trick is used in other Soulsborne games as well to help show other levels, selling the idea of one cohesive world, even if things don’t line up in reality

It’s rumored that the Elden Ring DLC will add a splash of darkness to The Lands Between in its upcoming expansion Shadow of the Erdtree. The size of the DLC is also said to be quite large and adds many items, weapons, and NPCs in the same vein. It was likened to Bloodborne’s DLC: The Old Hunters, by FromSoftware producer Yasuhiro Kitao.

Many fans also continue to keep their fingers crossed for a Bloodborne remake or remaster at some point. Unfortunately, Bloodborne in Minecraft might be the closest fans will come to this. rumors suggest that the upcoming FromSoftware project will be an entirely new PS5 exclusive unrelated to Bloodborne or Dark Souls.

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