Minecraft 1.21 revealed: Meet the new mobs, crafters, and more

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Minecraft Live 2023 has now concluded, letting fans know when and what to expect in the upcoming 1.21 update.

Minecraft Live 2023 is a live, online event designed to keep fans up to date on the latest and greatest news in Minecraft. Included in the event is the Mob Vote, letting fans choose which of three neutral mobs will be added in the next big Minecraft update. Mojang also released the details of the 1.21 update, as well as when the update can be expected.

Which mob won the mob vote in 2023?

The Armadillo is the newest mob in Minecraft after winning the 2023 mob vote. It has been added to the game with the 1.21 update. 

Over 5 million people took part in the mob vote during Minecraft Live and over 40% of the popular vote went to the armadillo. This gives the creature the honor of being added to the game. Not all fans were happy about this, however.

2023’s mob vote had 2 million more votes than 2022. Fans were up in arms that the other two choices will most likely never get their day in Minecraft, even if they weren’t angry at the armadillo specifically.

Minecraft players have griped about the fact that mob vote losers effectively disappear. Fans find it saddening that Mojang has no way to get all three mobs into Minecraft, whether through a staggered release schedule or rolling the losers into the next year’s vote.

What’s in the Minecraft 1.21 update?

The 1.21 Update for Minecraft will add Trial Chambers, Copper Bulbs, Trial Spawners, the Breeze Mob, and the Crafter.

Trial Chambers are procedurally generated dungeons, made of Copper and Tuff blocks. They are dimly lit areas filled with puzzles, traps, mazes, and even combat encounters. The addition of the Trial Chambers is to increase the “adventure” aspect of Minecraft, giving fans another way to play and interact with the game.

Included in the Trial Chambers is the new Copper Bulb item. A light source made of Copper, they too can oxidize with time. Found only in the Trial Chambers, players can wax the Copper Bulbs to permanently freeze them at a specific oxidation level, preventing their brightness from dimming.

Minecraft Trial Chamber

Trial Spawners add a new spin to the existing Spawners. Instead of spawning mobs based on light level, these new Spawners release a specific number of mobs before going dormant. If the player is able to defeat the wave, a reward is given.  Interestingly they react to the number of players present, increasing the number of mobs with more players nearby.

The Breeze mob is a new hostile mob, set to make adventures in the Trial Chambers anything but easy. Modeled after the Blaze mob in the Nether, these creatures are made of highly mobile wind. They jump around and use gusts of wind to knock players and blocks around. The initial hit does little damage, but the resulting knockback can lead to a devastating fall.

Minecraft 1.21 will also add the Crafter. which was discussed by a leaker prior to Minecraft Live. The Crafter will allow for automatic recipe crafting using an in-game block, a first in Minecraft without using mods. With a new UI, it gives players even more uses for hoppers and dispensers for true set-it-and-forget-it crafting.

When will the 1.21 update come out?

Minecraft 1.21 is set to come out in mid-2024.

There is still a significant wait until the 1.21 update for Minecraft will be released. With so many versions of Minecraft for Mojang to update, summer 2024 is a long wait, but a necessary one for the developer to ensure all versions will be updated simultaneously.

This includes Minecraft: Bedrock Version on Windows PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and mobile devices, as well as Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows PC, macOS, and Linux. Until then, Mojang may surprise fans with more additions to the 1.21 update.

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