How realistic will GTA 6 be? Some details have emerged

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A Grand Theft Auto fan has uncovered some interesting information about how dynamic and realistic GTA 6 will be.

The Grand Theft Auto series has always pushed the envelope when it comes to making games feel as lifelike as possible. The infamous development crunch for Red Dead Redemption 2 was fueled by these ambitions. From realistic footprints in the snow to the accuracy of lunar cycles, many sleepless nights were dedicated to minute fine details.

GTA 6 is no different. While details on the game have been scarce, a massive leak and reportage surrounding the game have allowed fans to start piecing together what the game will be like. A name mentioned as being part of the game is Tobias Kleanthous, which prompted some digging into the man’s portfolio and what impact he might have on GTA 6’s development.

How realistic is GTA 6 going to be?

Reports of a new “block-based” system for character animations and improved physics suggest that GTA 6 will be more realistic than previous installments in the series.

Tobias Kleanthous is a notable innovator in the animation space for video games, particularly with the use of AI and machine learning. He was also employed as the Lead AI Programmer for Rockstar Games for over seven years. 

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The block-based system used by Kleanthouse creates a library of small building blocks for character animations, which when combined, create a dynamic animation cycle unique for every situation. For example, if a player were injured while behind cover, they would hold their injured body part as they hid from gunfire. NPCs and players would adapt dynamically to the world around them, instead of repeating the same canned animation as in previous GTA titles.

Alongside this are other leaks related to improvements made to the RAGE game engine. Rockstar has used RAGE for its popular open-world action games and reports state that GTA 6’s physics will be significantly more realistic thanks to improvements made to the engine. Though GTA Online rolls on thanks to wacky events, Rockstar seems to be heading in the opposite direction in some ways with GTA 6.

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GTA Online lets players bust some ghosts.

When is GTA 6 coming out?

GTA 6 has no official release date as of this writing, but it is theorized to be no later than March 2025.

GTA 6 is still a long way away from release. However, during its earnings report for Take 2 Interactive’s earnings report for the first quarter of 2024, Take-Two Interactive claims that there will be major plans coming in the next fiscal year of 2025. This has led many fans to speculate that GTA 6 would come out no later than March 2025, the end of the studio’s fiscal year. 

However, all of this remains speculation. Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive have been quiet about the game’s development as of late/, No teasers have even been released, while the leaks although extensive, showcased a game that was very early in its development. GTA 6 remains on the wishlist of many fans in the interim.

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