You can get the Ghostbusters’ car in GTA Online, here’s how

gta online albany brigham

GTA Online has been rolling out many exciting Halloween-themed missions and items to collect, including a vehicle inspired by the iconic Ecto-1 car from Ghostbusters. 

While there’s still a wait ahead for Grand Theft Auto 6, GTA Online is still offering up content including some faux crossovers. The Albany Brigham is a 4-door vehicle that players can purchase for $1.4 million in GTA currency. While this car is very pricy, it will be worth it once players can turn it into the hearse from the iconic ’80s comedy-horror flick

There are a couple of steps that players will need to complete in order to get this vehicle. While the GTA Online car doesn’t look exactly like the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 due to copyright issues, it is definitely a strong lookalike. Here’s how to get it.

Ghostbusters Gta Car

How to unlock the Ghostbusters car in GTA Online

The Ghostbusters car in GTA Online is obtained by getting an Albany Brigham and getting a skin from hunting ghosts.

Players will need to complete a couple of ghost hunts in order to get the skin for the Albany Brigham. In total, players will need to locate 10 ghosts, photograph each one, and send it off to the off-brand Ghostbusters. 

gta online first ghost

These ghosts can be found at specific locations and times. The ghosts don’t need to be photographed in an exact order, but players will need to get snap photos of each one. After getting all 10 ghosts, players will receive the car skin, which can be applied to the Albany Brigham at any time. GTA Online players do not need to have an Albany Brigham car in order to unlock the Ghostbusters skin for it.  

However, players don’t have an infinite amount of time to unlock the skin. The GTA Online Halloween event is expected to end in early November, so players will want to hurry if they want to unlock this vehicle.

GTA Online ghost locations, times

There are 10 ghosts to photograph in GTA Online before the Albany Brigham’s skin is unlocked.

Below is a picture of all the locations on the map, as well as their time stamps as well. Players need to be at these locations at the proper time and take the photo, or else they’ll have to wait until the next in-game day. 

  • Location 1 (4am – 5am)
  • Location 2 (2am – 3am)
  • Location 3 (1am – 2 am)
  • Location 4 (9 pm – 10 pm)
  • Location 5 (10 pm – 11 pm)
  • Location 6 (11 pm – 12 am)
  • Location 7 (8 pm – 9 pm)
  • Location 8 (5 am – 6 am)
  • Location 9 (3 am – 4 am)
  • Location 10 (12 am – 1 am)

Once players see the ghost spawn in the location and have taken a photo, there will be a prompt to send the photo in. After doing so, players can consider that ghost completed and head to the next location. 

gta online ghost locations

After all 10 are complete, players will receive the Ghostbuster-inspired skin for the Albany Brigham car, which can be applied by Los Santos Customs. After getting the skin, players now have a Ghostbusters car that they can use year-round. But once again, this skin is only available for a limited time so players can’t wait for long to get it.

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