PS5 Pro specs, release date reportedly set to be revealed soon

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Sony is reportedly expecting the specs for the PlayStation 5 Pro to be released into the wild soon.

Leaks regarding a refresh for the PS5 have been circulating for a while now, though there hasn’t been any concrete information to suggest how powerful it will be or when it will come out. With the PS5 Slim model now sitting on store shelves and the PS Portal launched, the PS5 Pro is the next big PlayStation hardware release. Fittingly, details on it are starting to pop up in the rumor mill.

According to reports, details on the console could be popping up soon due to the impending release of devkits for the updated hardware. This would give thousands of people access to the new hardware, something that Sony thinks will inevitably lead to leaks.

What are the PS5 Pro’s specs?

There isn’t any concrete information on how powerful the PS5 Pro will be, but that could change this month.

Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming stated that Sony’s internal team is expecting the specs for the PS5 Pro to be leaked sometime in the immediate future, as devkits are being distributed to third-party developers to help with game development. Devkits are special versions of consoles that are used by developers to make games that have similar hardware to the consumer models.

It’s unclear how much of an improvement the PS5 Pro will be relative to the existing console.

The PS4 Pro came with 4.2 TFLOP of power compared to the 1.84 TFLOP of the base PS4. The base PS5 is already capable of an impressive 10.28 TFLOP of performance. Rumors and leaks about its specs have varied to an extreme degree, ranging from being a modest improvement to being able to significantly outperform the original version of the console.

PS5 Pro price details

It is unknown how much the PS5 Pro will cost, and it’s difficult to accurately estimate a price until specs are revealed.

The PlayStation 4 Pro cost $100 more than the standard PlayStation 4 model at launch. The price could potentially be higher or lower than this depending on the components used in the pro version.

When will the PS5 Pro be released?

There isn’t an official release date for the PS5 Pro, but an official announcement could come in 2024 if the reports are true. The company likely won’t confirm the existence of the console until after the 2023 holiday season is done.

If third-party developers do leak the specs of the PS5 Pro then it’s very likely that Sony will officially announce the console in 2024. Since the PS4 Pro was announced just two months before its official release date, the PS5 Pro might follow a similar schedule.

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