Leak suggest that a PS5 Pro console may be coming

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According to a leak, a possible PlayStation 5 Pro devkit may be in the hands of studios. 

The long-rumored PlayStation 5 Pro console has been the subject of several purported leaks. A new set of claims comes from leaker Im A Hero Too, who has previously scooped publishers Square Enix and Sega on announcements of their upcoming games. According to Im A Hero Too there is a new kind of PlayStation 5 devkit that has arrived at Square Enix’s offices and it’s possible these are for a PS5 Pro. 

The leak also contained discussions about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 console and more Final Fantasy remakes that have yet to be revealed. The Switch 2 is also in the hands of Japanese studios Sega and Square Enix.

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Is PlayStation 5 Pro coming?

A PS5 Pro console may be coming, according to a leak. Sony has not confirmed any plans or details regarding a new PS5 model of any kind beyond the disk and digital versions that were available at launch.

Previously, it was rumored that Sony was working on a PlayStation 5 Slim model with alleged photos of the hardware appearing on social media. Previous “slim” PlayStation consoles didn’t need new devkits as they had the same specs as the original versions of the console but in a smaller package. New devkits could imply different hardware and a PS5 Pro is the most likely possibility if this is true. However, the leaker acknowledges that they are not completely certain what these new devkits are for.

Im A Hero Too claims that Square Enix already has access to this new devkit. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as Sony and Square Enix have close ties spanning decades. The publisher has made a long list of PlayStation-exclusive titles, with Final Fantasy 16 being the latest.

How powerful is the PS5 Pro?

There is no credible information about the power of PlayStation 5 Pro yet. Sony hasn’t made any official announcements, nor are there any rumors or leaks that provide actual numbers or hardware details. 

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History suggests a “pro” version would be more powerful than the base version. The PlayStation 4 Pro came with 4.2 TFLOP of power compared to the 1.84 TFLOP of the base PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 5 is already a powerful console, capable of 10.28 TFLOP of performance. The console still cannot hit 60 frames per second at full native 4K resolution in many games. Enable ray tracing, and gamers are looking at even slower performance. 

The PlayStation 5 Pro could alleviate some performance issues plaguing modern AAA titles. Stable 60 FPS at 4K resolution would be the dream for players with top-end setups, but it’s unknown whether this is in the cards. 

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