Valorant coach WooHooJin tearfully responds to boosting claims


Valorant streamer and coach WooHooJin has been accused of having his Valorant rank boosted, putting his legitimacy in the competitive scene into question. 

The Valorant esports scene, despite its relative youth compared to established titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike, is already established as a juggernaut. Valorant’s esports scene even led to League of Legends pro players getting put in “closets” instead of a stage due to the popularity difference. The esports scene inspires many players to hone their skills, and training with a coach is one of the best ways to do that.

WooHooJin is one such coach who provides tutorials for newbie players to get them into pro shape. However, WooHooJin’s credentials are allegedly not what they seem.

Is WooHooJin boosted to Radiant?

WooHooJin was allegedly boosted to Radiant by another streamer, JeyG, per claims on social media. In an expansive Reddit post, u/Xijiping0 presents what they claim to be evidence of WooHooJin’s abilities, or more accurately, the lack thereof. Their primary point centers around WooHooJin allegedly using streamer JeyG’s skills to elevate his rank to Radiant. 

u/Xijiping0 claims WooHooJin never publicly hit Radiant with his account. They also used records from public Valorant match tracking sites to connect them to JeyG’s Twitch streams. There are several instances of this occurring, based on u/Xijiping0’s investigation. With so much heat on him, WooHooJin responded to the boosting allegations. 

Coach WooHooJin admits to being boosted in Valorant

WooHooJin admitted that streamer JeyG boosted one of his accounts from Immortal 3 to Radiant, but suggested he has alt accounts that are at Radiant rank.

He claims that he did so out of convenience and emphasizes he still coached multiple players to radiant in the past. He says he never brought up the rank boosting because he felt it would affect how people saw him. Given his status as a coach who attained his rank through his skill, but he still implied that he is a Radiant-caliber player.

In the past, WooHooJin protested Riot Games‘ perceived inaction against smurf and challenge accounts in Valorant. The affirmation of his personal account shenanigans led fans to question his sincerity, given the hypocrisy.  

WooHooJin claims he has a “private” Radiant-ranked Valorant account. He concludes the apology by stating he will stream himself getting to Radiant on stream. Time will tell if he can prove his skills are truly Radiant-tier. 

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