New World’s PS5 release may have been confirmed, here’s how

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Long a PC exclusive, New World is now confirmed to be coming out on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. 

Amazon Games made its first major release with New World, which dropped as a free-to-play title but soon shifted to pay-to-play. The game gained attention for its combat, requiring manual aiming rather than the typical MMORPG auto-attacking. It soon gained traction on PC with engaging combat that required dodging, shooting, and melee fighting.

While it took almost three years, console versions have finally been announced. News of the release was leaked beforehand in a hilarious way.

New World’s PS5 release may have leaked

New World is seemingly set for a PlayStation 5 release after users reported seeing it in the PlayStation Store.

A Reddit user posted a screenshot of their PlayStation Store landing page with New World Arthernum prominently displayed. The PlayStation 5 store regularly promotes sponsored games, which are featured prominently on the storefront.

New World Athernum’s tile also appeared with a sponsored tag, meaning Amazon is specifically pushing the game. Assuming the screenshot is legitimate, the appearance of New World on the PlayStation Store could be a leak by Sony. This comes less than a week after the company accidentally made Destiny 2: The Final Shape available to players on PS5 days before its official release.

Playstation Store New World

PlayStation has seemingly removed the sponsored New World title from the store since the post. Neither PlayStation nor Amazon have confirmed a PS5 release for New World.

This surprise appearance came hours before the opening of the Summer Game Fest. This would also see Amazon looking to get ahead of an upcoming wave of MMORPG releases. Sony’s own Horizon MMO is in the works, as are unconfirmed games based on Game of Thrones and the iconic sci-fi franchise Dune.

Is New World coming to Xbox Series X/S?

New World was confirmed to have an Xbox Series X/S coming alongside the PS5 version.

Amazon Games mainly makes games for the PC and mobile platforms. The only console game developed by Amazon Game Studios Seattle is The Grand Tour Game, which was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019.

Even on PC, the publisher has cancelled two high-profile releases. Crucible, a game by Relentless Studios, was cancelled during production. Breakaway, a team brawler, was cancelled in 2018. Both major consoles only have a handful of the best MMORPGs on the market, so having New World would bolster the paltry list.

The Xbox Series X/S and PS5 only have a handful of successful MMORPGs between them, and New World could be a solid addition. The game is also arguably better suited for console gaming than the likes of World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14. That could make it a decent pick-up for those looking for an MMO experience on consoles.

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