Horizon is getting a Lego spin-off, will other PS exclusives follow?

lego horizon adventures

Lego Horizon Adventures has been officially revealed and its platform lineup has given fans a bit of a shock.

The Horizon series has been one of Sony’s biggest success stories. Although some fans teased Horizon: Zero Dawn for its release alongside Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game sold 2.6 million units within its first two weeks. Flash forward to 2024 and it has sold over 24.3 million units across all Sony platforms.

The sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, also performed well, with over 8.4 million units sold as of April 2023. With a live-action TV series from Netflix and a Horizon MMO incoming, it’s clear Sony sees the franchise as one of its most reliable exclusives. Now, the studio takes Horizon in an unexpected direction and is also taking it to new platforms.

Lego Horizon Adventures revealed for PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch

Lego Horizon Adventures was officially revealed at Summer Game Fest 2024, with the surprise twist that it was coming out on PC and Nintendo Switch as well as the expected PS5 release.

The game’s existence was leaked weeks prior to the official reveal. Kurakasis, a notable leaker who accurately broke PlayStation news before official announcements, claimed Sony will announce a Horizon x Lego collaboration. Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson supported Kurakasis’ claims and reported that this collaboration was a video game.

The game was officially revealed at Summer Game Fest 2024, opening the show.

Fans reacted positively to the idea of a Lego crossover after it was leaked, citing the many fun open-world Lego games that exist. This enthusiasm carried forward to the official release, with many also surprised that Lego Horizon Adventures will also come out on PC and Nintendo Switch, marking Aloy’s first appearance on Switch. This left some fans wondering if Lego versions of other Sony exclusives will come soon.

Will there be a Lego God of War or The Last of Us?

Sony has not confirmed Lego versions of their exclusive IPs.

However, Sony has shown several times in the past that it is willing to play ball with silly crossovers. Aloy and Kratos have joined the never-ending roster of guest characters in Fortnite, a very unserious battle royale game.

Aloy has also appeared in Genshin Impact, Fall Guys, and Death Stranding, so Sony doesn’t have qualms with brand expansion. Still, fully-fledged Lego games are another matter, and Lego Horizon Adventures’ success may decide if Sony builds a future with the plastic brick brand. 

Lego Horizon Adventures release date

Lego Horizon Adventures was confirmed for a Holiday 2024 release, but no exact release date was given.

The release date may be adjusted based on when other titles are set to come out. Games like Grand Theft Auto 6 are set to warp the gaming landscape around them. While GTA 6’s release date is pushed back far beyond the 2024 holiday season, Guerrilla Games may be wanting to get a feel for the competition before committing to a date.

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