Dune Awakening: All gameplay, release date info for the MMORPG

Sandworm attack in Dune Awakening

Fans finally got a fresh glimpse at Dune Awakening, the upcoming MMORPG based on the hit sci-fi franchise, thanks to a batch of leaked screenshots showing of its character creator.

The Dune franchise is no stranger to the world of video games. Its 1992 video game adaptation, simply titled Dune, was notably among the first video games ported from floppy disc to CD. That distinction allowed it to include voice acting, snippets of the David Lynch film adaptation, and new animations. It was pioneering stuff from an iconic sci-fi series.

The game also set the stage and established motifs for every subsequent adaptation moving forward, with a deep focus on strategy and adventure. Real-time strategy fans pointed out its sequel, Dune 2, released later that same year, as the first modern RTS game. Notably, most attempts at a Dune game not centered around strategy ended up canceled or flops. This next attempt seeks to break that trend.

What is Dune Awakening?

Dune Awakening is an upcoming open-world sandbox MMORPG set in the Dune universe.

Although a trailer dropped for Dune Awakening in March 2024 with gameplay footage, it was more cinematic than it was informative. In April, a Reddit user posted several in-game screenshots of Dune Awakening that actually showcased the character creation and gameplay. 

Many fans immediately noticed the similarities of Dune Awakening’s UI with Bungie’s Destiny. The aesthetic similarities led many to speculate Dune Awakening will play similarly to the popular looter-shooter. The screenshots also showcase an in-depth skill tree, hinting at a class system for the multiplayer game.

The game lets the player pick their playstyle through different factions and mentors. For example, scout builds would likely choose to be a Mentat, part of an order dedicated to storing and analyzing vast amounts of data.  

When is Dune Awakening’s release date? 

Funcom has not announced a release date for Dune Awakening.

The studio premiered the game’s first trailer in August 2022. In the two years since, the developers have not settled on a release window. Though some fans expected a 2024 release alongside Dune: Part Two, the movie has come and gone, leaving fans in the dark once again.

The Reddit leaker claimed the developers and QA testers have spent over 400 hours on the game. If true, this would confirm the game’s development has reached a rigorous testing phase, at the very least implying a playable build already exists. Either way, fans remain cautiously excited for the upcoming sci-fi epic. 

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