What’s the MSI 2024 theme song? Riot gave an unpleasant update

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LoL esports is in an awkward spot and the latest sign of that is news of the MSI 2024 theme song. Or lack thereof.

The Mid-Season Invitational and League of Legends World Championship events were long at the top of esports in terms of presentation and grandiosity. Extravagant opening ceremonies have been a big part of that, and a big part of those kick-offs have been an event anthem.

The reveal of an anthem is traditionally a big part of the buildup to an international LoL esports event. Fans were waiting to hear MSI 2024’s theme song but they need not wait any longer. Not because a song has been revealed, though.

What is the theme song for MSI 2024?

Riot Games has confirmed that there will be no special theme song or anthem for MSI 2024.

Just a few days before the event’s start date, the company issued a statement to Dot Esports confirming that there’s no musical motif to the event. Instead, the company says dropping an anthem will let it focus on delivering a “thrilling broadcast experience” and that its opening ceremony will instead “shine a spotlight” on the competitors.

This is in line with recent Riot Games business moves, namely sweeping layoffs and a reduced scope of its esports efforts. This has been seen in the news with the reduction of its development efforts and the end of its publishing label. A more user-facing result of this has been significantly lower production and a “bare minimum” approach to esports, particularly in western markets. Alongside this are reports of significant changes to the format for both regional and international events.

The broadcast itself has been pruned back and events like the LCS Roadshow were canceled. Paradoxically, Riot’s pitch about highlighting the players comes as the esports broadcast has been about memes and wackiness, rather than anything related to the “sports” of it.

Will there be an anthem for Worlds 2024?

It’s unclear whether there will be a Worlds anthem in 2024. MSI 2024 not having a theme song doesn’t bode well for it, but fans shouldn’t panic yet.

Though MSI anthems are popular, songs attached to Worlds are on a completely different level of popularity. In terms of YouTube views and Spotify listens, songs associated with Worlds are considerably more popular than those borne from MSI.

While Riot might be undercuttting the fans by not having a theme song for MSI, not having a Worlds anthem would potentially be leaving money on the table. Regardless, MSI 2024 begins on May 1 with FlyQuest, PSG Talon, T1, and Estral Esports all set to compete.

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