Here’s the date, move for Charmander in Community Day Classic

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With Pokemon GO Fest and summer coming to a close, Niantic is gearing up to bring a new season that will include a Community Day Classic with Charmander. 

There’s only a short period of time left before September comes and a new season of Pokemon Go kicks off. The new season will bring the starter Pokemon from Paldea to Pokemon GO, and the usual roundup of special research missions, bonuses, and events. Niantic teased what its first big event of the season will be.

A Community Day Classic will be taking place in early September. It’s one many fans are hyped for, or are groaning over, as Charmander once again comes to the fore.

When is the Charmander Community Day Classic in 2023?

Charmander will be the focus of a Community Day Classic event on September 2, 2023.

A teaser from Pokemon GO on Twitter shows the game’s beloved logo as flames appear from off the side of the screen. From there, Charmander’s cry can be heard, confirming that the Pokemon will be the centerpiece of the event. 

Not all details for this Community Day Classic have been revealed, but players can expect to have loads of opportunities to catch Charmanders, level them up, and evolve them during this event. This will also include increased shiny odds for Charmander during the event as well as a special move when players evolve a Charmeleon into Charizard. Players who want to get the most out of the Community Day Classic will need to purchase a ticket, which will later become available closer to the date. 

What move will Charizard have during Community Day Classic?

Charizard will get either Blast Burn or Dragon Breath during the September 2 Community Day Classic. This will be the third Community Day event for Charmander. Charizard already has two other moves that have been made available.

Community Day 2020

The first Charmander Community Day took place in 2018, allowing Charizard to learn the powerful fire-type move Blast Burn. Another Charmander Community Day was held in 2020, with Charizard able to learn the dragon-type move Dragon Breath. It’s uncertain which of those moves will be available or whether both could return.

What is a Community Day Classic?

Pokemon GO’s Community Day Classic events highlight Pokemon that were in a previous Community Day, offering players increased shiny odds and access to an exclusive move.

There are two different types of Community Days, including the normal ones that are just Community Days and then Community Day Classic which are effectively reruns of the previous events. Players who weren’t playing Pokemon GO years ago will have the chance to collect, evolve, and teach Charmander and other previously featured Pokemon an exclusive move. This makes these classic events even more exciting for all Pokemon GO players

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