Here’s when Armored Core 6 is releasing in your region

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Gamers the world over are excited to play Armored Core 6, but the game’s exact release time depends on which region of the world you’re in.

Armored Core 6 has an August 24 release date, but the game’s specific release time is dependent on location. Players in some parts of the world will be able to open and play the game earlier than others.

Fortunately, developer FromSoftware has made clear when the game is releasing around the world on all platforms, and we can help you to figure out where it’s releasing in your region.

Armored Core 6 release times by region

While Armored Core 6 release times will vary by region, all players across the world will be able to play the game by August 25. The exact release date is August 24, but in some cases players won’t actually be able to access the game until midnight, technically on August 25. A few regions will get access to the game a few hours later still. But by some time on August 25, everyone will be able to play.

Judging by local times, the players who will have the earliest access to Armored Core 6 will be in North America. PC players in particular will be able to open the game as early as 3PM PST on the west coast. Across the continent, PC players on the east coast will be able to play AC6 at 6PM EST.

Console players in North America will have a longer wait than their PC brethren. West coast console players must wait until a release timing of 9PM CST, while east coast console players will be able to access the game at midnight, technically on August 25.

That midnight time will also apply to all players in central and western Europe, with a unified PC and console release time of midnight August 25. PC players in Great Britain will get slightly earlier access than others in Europe, with the game becoming available for play at 11PM BST.

Gunfight in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

In Asia, it’s console players who will have the edge on PC players. Korea and Japan will see Armored Core 6 release timings at midnight on August 25 for console players, while PC players will have to wait until 7AM KST and JST, respectively. These are among the latest times for any players in the world.

As for the longest wait time, that is reserved for PC players in New Zealand. These unfortunate gamers won’t be able to access AC6 until 10AM NZST on August 25, the latest time in the world.

It is worth noting that most of these times are actually more closely aligned than they may appear, accounting for time zone differences. But that probably won’t be much consolation to eager players in New Zealand who are having to wait almost a full day relative to their peers in North America.

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