Here’s everything added in the No Man’s Sky Echoes update

no man's sky echoes

No Man’s Sky Echoes showcases epic space battles, while the new updates patch notes reveal some interesting lore for longtime players.

Given the game’s rocky beginnings, the fact that No Man’s Sky has gotten this far is nothing short of amazing. Its dedicated players continue to be rewarded.

No Man’s Sky Echoes was announced a week ago during the celebration of the game’s seventh anniversary. While details weren’t given at the time, all the information has come out at once alongside the game’s new update trailer that just released.


When Is No Man’s Sky Echoes coming out?

No Man’s Sky Echoes is out right now on PC and PlayStation 5.

Players are now able to download what is looking to be the biggest update No Man’s Sky has had in quite some time. It’s fitting given that No Man’s Sky is celebrating its seventh anniversary this month. The new update boasts dozens of new features that are sure to reignite a spark in longtime fans of the space exploration game.

What is space combat like in No Man’s Sky Echoes?

Space combat has been overhauled to be more tactical and intense than ever before in the No Man’s Sky Echoes update. 

This is looking to be No Man’s Sky’s biggest update yet, and this is best seen in the overhaul of the game’s space combat system.

Starships are now given the ability to divert power to engines, shields, or weapons. This gives players a whole new level of depth to their experience. Whether they’re aiming to win through attrition, by outmaneuvering the enemy, or by going in guns blazing, the new power diversion system is meant to let players fight however they want.

Overhauled space combat is nothing without foes to fight against. Thankfully, Echoes provides worthy adversaries in the form of brand-new gigantic dreadnoughts. These massive capital ships are encountered naturally throughout the galaxy, terrorizing civilian fleets with their unmatched firepower and defensive systems. 

Players must channel their inner Luke Skywalker to perform high-octane trench runs and strike at the vulnerable weak points of these massive space terrors. This isn’t so easy with dozens of frigates launching lasers and torpedoes the player’s way. 

This all adds a whole new dimension to space combat, as players are no longer just pointing and shooting. Players now need to think tactically in order to destroy these wandering pirate fleets. And if they don’t destroy dreadnoughts fast enough, these juggernauts of war can actually escape the player’s clutches.

Is No Man’s Sky Echoes expanding on the story?

No Man’s Sky Echoes picks up right after the Interceptor update, as players discover the hidden civilization of robots known as the Autophage.

The Autophage had been teased in previous updates before, such as in the Singularity update released in June. This time, players get to see the full scope of the civilization, learning more about their culture and language, as well as finding answers to some of the game’s more mysterious questions.


As is the case with any good mystery, answering one question simply opens up a dozen more. These questions are organically revealed through Korvax monolith sites, as well as an exciting new expedition called “Voyagers”, which is set to start shortly after the update’s release.

This makes Echoes one of the most narratively-driven updates for No Man’s Sky in quite some time. 

Are there new factions in No Man’s Sky Echoes?

Two new factions, the Autophage and the Outlaws, are introduced in the No Man’s Sky Echoes update.

Through the update, players are tasked with finding and even befriending notable figures of the Autophage. By learning their language and completing their missions, they build their reputation and earn unique titles. 

For players that want to be part of the scum and villainy that taints the galaxy, they can instead commit crimes and raid civilian ships. As they become more notorious, players get to live out their dreams of becoming virtual space pirates. 

Does Echoes feature quality of life changes?

Quality of life changes such as multi-tool salvaging and enhanced player personalization give players more control than ever before over their No Man’s Sky experience.

On the more technical side of things, No Man’s Sky Echoes features tons of quality-of-life changes that significantly improve minute-to-minute gameplay. The biggest change that’s exciting many fans is the addition of multi-tool salvaging, which allows multi-tools to be converted into scrap, freeing up inventory space for other cool upgrades.

Not every multi-tool was useful, but since they couldn’t be scrapped, excess multi-tools would just sit in storage taking up precious space. This update is a massive boon for players who have dozens of multi-tools hoarded over the seven years of the game’s existence. 

Speaking of multi-tools, the Autophage offers the Voltaic Staff, a new Multi-Tool that offers an unparalleled amount of customization. The rituals aren’t just for the staff either. The player can now customize their robotic avatar by mixing and matching dozens of parts for a fashionable new look. Warframe’s fashion shows may be in danger soon.

On top of all these major changes is a sprinkling of minor bug fixes as well as some other changes including improved legibility for color blind players, clearer tutorials, and visual enhancements on the PSVR2 and Switch version of the game.

Overall, No Man’s Sky Echoes is a massive update that’s sure to make loyal fans of the space exploration title very happy. New players might even be tempted to give the game a shot, especially now that it has become so much more than the game it was released as seven years ago.

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