Here’s when you can start playing ranked League of Legends again


The most recent patch for League of Legends, patch 13.24, revealed the full schedule for the 2024 ranked season and ushered in Arena.

The year is coming to an end and that means a rank reset in League of Legends. After two splits of grinding non-stop in solo queue, it’s time to say goodbye to Season 13. Before it ends, those who achieved the highest ranks will receive a series of rewards for their efforts. These rewards will be distributed at some point between the end of Season 2023 Split 2 and the start of Season 2024 Split 1.

Season 2023 will run through January 9, 2024. After some downtime, Season 2024 Split 1 will start on January 10. Only two regions will have a different starting time for Season 2024 Split 1; North America 1 and Latin America 1. For LA1, the ranked LoL Season 2024 starts at 9 a.m. CST and for NA1, the starting time is 7 a.m. PT. The games played during the downtime won’t influence the ranking for the new season.

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Arena is now available in League of Legends

The new Arena game mode is now available on live servers. Players can enjoy the returning game mode as they await the 2024 League of Legends ranked season, and early on. Riot is not currently planning to make Arena a permanent game mode, but it has noted this could change.

Arena mode is one of the more popular innovations in classic League of Legends gameplay. In this mode, four duos fight each other in a series of duels. The team that loses all 20 HP will be eliminated.

Every duo keeps fighting until they’re the sole survivors and the true champions. In between rounds, players will get the option to buy items and receive different augments.

The new and improved Arena includes re-balancing for most champions. The four different Arenas in the game now include Hexgates. Once a player is dead, they can be revived by their teammates just by standing on the area where they died. New items and new cameos from champions have also been added to this mode.

Each champion cameo has different effects. For example, Sylas’ cameo replaces the Summoner Flee with one random ultimate from a different champion. Players get to use the ultimate once per battle. Thresh’s cameo is a Lantern, which he throws to shield nearby players.

This game mode has its own rating system. All players start their journey in the wood tier with a 500 rating. They receive points based on their results. The highest tier is Gladiator, which can be achieved with a rating of 4,000. The same queue rules of regular ranked apply, players can only team up with those in similar ranks.

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