LoL Season 14 changes include Rift Herald rides, 3 Barons

league of legends season 14

Season 14 is coming to League of Legends and it’s set to bring major changes including an overhaul fo the jungle, Rift Heralds, and Baron Nashor.

Summoner’s Rift will have a different look in 2024. The changes for Season 14 include new terrains, new monsters, and a new Baron Nashor. The Void is taking over League of Legends’ most popular map, bringing both evil and a distinctive purple hue. It’s not just cosmetic changes however, as objectives and jungling are both set for big changes next year.

Players across all roles are set to get a major shakeup to the early-game experience. Here are the biggest changes, the new mechanics, and when these changes will hit live servers.

Three Voidgrubs in the Rift Herald pit.

How do Voidgrubs work in LoL?

Voidgrubs are a new objective coming to League of Legends that replace the first Rift Herald.

Three Voidgrubs will spawn in the Rift Herald’s pit at the five-minute mark, with each creature having its own respawn countdown of four minutes. In total, six Voidgrubs can show up on the pit during a game.

The Voidgrubs grant a team-wide buff named “Hunger of the Void.” Teams receive bonus damage to structures based on the number of creatures taken down by their jungler. The Voidgrubs might even show up to attack structures themselves.

Ride the Rift Herald in League of Legends Season 14

The Rift Herald is getting a major overhaul in LoL Season 14, which includes the ability for players to summon it and ride on it.

The new and improved Rift Herald, as usual, will spawn at 14 minutes. When summoned, one player can right-click it and jump onto it. The player will be able to steer the Rift Herald and use it to damage structures or attack enemy champions. Once it makes contact for the first time, whether it is with an enemy or a structure, the rider will be knocked off the Rift Herald.

Lol Season 14 Baron Nashor

Baron Nashor will have three different looks in Season 14. The Hunting Baron doesn’t change the terrain and blasts all champions with lightning. The Territorial Baron creates a wall in front of the pit and has grown arms that can be used to pull champions closer to it.

The All-Seeing Baron brings the biggest changes to the pit, opening both sides and creating a tunnel. The All-Seeing Baron also opens a Void Rift, which deals AOE damage over time. That’s not all, though.

Once it spawns, the Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback, also known as Red and Blue buffs, will transform. The Voidborn Sentinel and Voidborn Brambleback are harder to kill but once dead, grant their respective buffs to the entire team.

Even the Rift Scuttler is taking notes from the Baron Nashor. The Voidborn Scuttler sends out a Scryer’s Bloom effect, revealing wards and enemies in the area.

Hwei lol

When does League of Legends Season 14 start?

League of Legends Season 14 is set to start on January 9, 2024.

Ranked queue will be re-enabled once the new season begins. Players can test out all the gameplay changes on the PBE, but those who don’t go to the PBE won’t have to wait long. These overhauls are set to arrive on live servers soon, and will potentially land alongside the new LoL champion Hwei.

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