Did Dan Houser and Absurd Ventures just reveal their new games?

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Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser’s new studio, Absurd Ventures, has just filed for two trademarks on new projects that could be the GTA co-creator’s new games.

With GTA 6’s first look rapidly approaching, there’s plenty of hype around Rockstar Games once again. This hype even extends to people who aren’t even with the company anymore. Dan Houser was an essential leader in the development of Grand Theft Auto throughout the franchise’s entire lifespan, acting as its head writer and producer. He departed from Rockstar Games in 2020 after an extended break.

Soon after his departure, Houser created Absurd Ventures as his new creative studio in 2021, promising video games, books, animation, and live-action productions to follow. These new trademarks are the first concrete hints of anything that the company is working on, potentially including new games. 

What is Absurd Ventures’ first game?

Absurd Ventures has filed trademarks for the titles “AMERICAN CAPER” and “A BETTER PARADISE,” and either may be the studio’s first new game.  As head writer for Rockstar for over two decades, Dan Houser is expected to take a hands-on approach with these two new properties. Based on the titles, it’s very likely that these games will also have criminal themes, though whether they’re GTA clones in nature remains to be seen.

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Houser claims that his studio will be focusing on narratives with a decidedly hyper-stylized aesthetic. On the company’s YouTube channel, there are cryptic videos with random footage and code, though what any of it means is still a mystery. The studio’s tagline is “Storytelling. Philanthropy. Ultraviolence.”

Will GTA 6 be the last GTA game?

There is no sufficient evidence that GTA 6 will be the last GTA. It’s true that GTA 6 will no longer feature Houser’s input, nor some of his storytelling team, some of which he brought with him to Absurd Ventures including Michael Unsworth.

While it’s possible that many of Houser’s ideas in pre-production might have stuck, GTA 6 marks a new era for the sandbox franchise. GTA 6 will be the very first game to not have Houser’s direct involvement. 

More details on the latest entry in the GTA franchise will be coming out this December. While many fans hope for a release date, it’s likely that this will simply be a teaser for the franchise’s new direction.

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