How to add female protagonist Kotone to Persona 3 Reload

persona 3 female protagonist

Modders have added a playable female protagonist to Persona 3 Reload that has delighted Persona fans everywhere.

Persona 3 Reload launched with positive reviews and reached over 1 million copies sold in less than a week. It beat the previous fastest-selling title in Atlus history, Persona 5. P3R was a long time coming for many series fans, and those fans were generally happy with the results.

But one glaring absence for veteran fans of the game is Kotone Shiomi, the alternative heroine of Persona 3 Portable. Despite only appearing on the PSP version, she captured the hearts of many fans who felt her absence in the remake. Fortunately for them, a team of modders has banded together to make FeMC a reality in P3R.

Is there a female protagonist mod for Persona 3 Reload?

A female protagonist mod, featuring FeMC/Kotone Shiomi, is in the works for Persona 3 Reload.  The FeMC Reloaded team began work on a playable FeMC for P3R mere weeks after the game’s initial release. The mod already features a playable model of Kotone Shiomi. Nodders have also added several changes to the 2D UI to reference Kotone instead of male character Makoto. 

The FeMC Reloaded Mod will initially focus on replacing Makoto’s in-game 2D and 3D assets with Kotone. The team stated on their Discord server that “anything is possible” once they achieve that initial goal. The FeMC project is impressive regardless of how much further it goes, especially for a newly-released game. The Nexus page for P3R already features 20 mods, and more will likely follow in the coming months. 

Where can I download the Kotone Shiomi mod for Persona 3 Reload?

Fans can download the Kotone Shiomi mod for Persona 3 Reload on GitHub, though it’s still in development.  The FemC Reloaded team also called out any series fans with modding experience to contribute in any way they can, offering the mod’s code on GitHub as open-source. 

They team further invited fans and potential contributors to its discord server, listed on the mod’s GameBanana page.

Since Atlus reportedly has no plans of adding Kotone officially to the game, it’s up to the fans to realize their dreams of a playable Kotone in the game. And thanks to those very fans, those dreams are already becoming a reality.

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