The Star Wars KOTOR remake dev went indie, so is it canceled?

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Saber Interactive, the developer behind the upcoming remake of Star Wars KOTOR, has left Embracer Group to become a privately owned company but what does this mean for the long-awaited game? 

The Star Wars fandom has had a rollercoaster week for gaming news. EA canceled an upcoming Star Wars first-person shooter that was being developed by Respawn. It would have centered around a Mandalorian bounty hunter and featured fast-paced combat reminiscent of Bethesda’s DOOM. This coincides with Ahmed Best, the actor behind Jar-Jar Binks, announcing his involvement with an Activision game. Whether it’s a brand new Star Wars game published by Activision or a Jar-Jar skin for Call of Duty remains to be seen.

Still, not all Star Wars news is doom and gloom. The studio behind the upcoming Star Wars KOTOR remake somehow avoided Embracer’s gallows, but does this mean the game is actually coming out?

Is the Star Wars KOTOR remake canceled?

Reports suggest that the Star Wars KOTOR remake’s development continues as planned, but fans shouldn’t necessarily get too excited over the game.

Embracer Group’s downsizing efforts and layoffs led to the cancellation of at least one Deus Ex game and the shuttering of the studio behind TimeSplitters. To avoid the same fate, other studios are looking to become independent of Embracer Group. Per Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, Saber Interactive plans to buy its freedom with a deal estimated at $500 million.

The development of the Star Wars KOTOR remake has reportedly not been canceled and has continued into 2024. That doesn’t mean the project will see its completion, however. When asked about whether the game is still coming, Schreier stated that the game hasn’t been canceled but he “can’t promise it’ll actually come out.”

Other studios under Embracer will likely follow Saber Interactive’s example in the coming months. Kotaku reports that Gearbox, the developer of the Borderlands franchise, plans to escape Embracer’s embrace sometime in the coming months. With the fast-approaching release of the Borderlands movie and the visibility of the franchise, it’s unknown how much the deal might be worth.

Regardless of the fate of the KOTOR remake and whether it gets canceled, there’s plenty of major Star Wars video game releases in the pipeline.

Star Wars Outlaws will be released sometime in 2024. Ubisoft revealed Star Wars Outlaws in 2023’s Xbox Games Showcase. The open-world Star Wars game set during the original trilogy follows the grittier side of the universe.

Other upcoming Star Wars games include Star Wars: Hunters, a team-based shooter for mobile and Switch, and Star Wars Eclipse, an action-adventure narrative game developed by Quantic Dream of Detroit: Become Human fame. 

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