How to evolve Applin to Dipplin and Hydrapple in Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk DLC introduced a number of new Pokemon, including the surprising option to evolve The Teal Mask’s Dipplin into the terrifying Hydrapple.

Dipplin was added as an evolution of Applin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask, using the new Syrupy Apple item. This gave Applin a total of three possible evolutions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but The Indigo Disk lets Dipplin go a step further and become the new, hydra-inspired candy apple Pokemon, Hydrapple.

Pokemon trainers will likely get their first look at Hydrapple battling their rival Kieran during the story of The Indigo Disk DLC. While Pokemon like Malamar have special evolution requirements, they can be caught in other ways. That’s not the case with Hydrapple, as players will need to actually evolve one themselves.


How to evolve Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Applin evolves into Dipplin by using the Syrupy Apple item on it.

To evolve a Hydrapple, trainers will first need to catch an Applin. Applin can’t be caught in the Terarium area in The Indigo Disk DLC, so it will need to be caught either in Paldea, Kitakami or brought over from Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

A new evolution item offers a new evolutionary path for Applin beyond Appletun and Flapple. During the Teal Mask DLC, players can get a Syrupy Apple by purchasing it from a farm stand in the southeast corner of Kitakami, in the Mossfell Confluence. Players can also find Syrupy Apples on the ground across Kitakami, but purchasing them from this location is cheap enough that it’s not worth foraging.

Syrupy Apple Location
Syrupy Apple store location

To evolve Applin it’s as simple as using the Syrupy Apple on the Pokemon from the bag in the same way as an evolution stone. If a Tart Apple or Sweet Apple is used instead, the trainer will instead have a Flapple or Appletun, respectively. Dipplin can also be caught from four-star Tera Raid battles in Kitakami, removing the need to collect a Syrupy Apple.

How to evolve Dipplin into Hydrapple

Dipplin evolves into Hydrapple by leveling up while knowing the new Dragon Cheer move.

Evolving a Dipplin into a Hydrapple takes a bit more effort. Unlike many other Pokemon with special evolutions, players don’t have a choice but to evolve it themselves. Hydrapple is a new Pokemon introduced via the DLC and therefore can’t be transferred in from a different game. It’s also not available in Tera Raid battles.

This means that players will have to advance their way through the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk story to evolve Hydrapple. Thankfully, players don’t have to go too deep into the DLC in order to get the move.

How to get TM 226 Dragon Cheer

Players obtain TM 226 by defeating Drayton during the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk DLC.

pokemon scarlet violet drayton

Drayton is a member of the Elite Four and once he’s defeated, the player gets a copy of TM 226 Dragon Cheer and the ability to make additional copies using items at the TM maker. Teaching the move to Dipplin will allow the Pokemon to evolve at the next level up into Hydrapple.

Dragon Cheer can only be obtained in this way, and cannot be found in the overworld. Hydrapple is an interesting addition to the Applin evolution line. Since only Dipplin can evolve further, it’s a special case for Pokemon trainers to keep in mind when filling out the Pokedex,

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