Faker is promising another title at Worlds 2024, but can he do it?

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Lee “Faker” Sang-heyok has no need for modesty after four League of Legends championships, and he believes that he will pad his record further at Worlds 2024.

Regarded by many as the best of the best in the esports world, Faker has given fans multiple wins at Worlds over the last 10 years. Faker has spent his entire professional career with T1, which was formerly known as SKT T1, and has anchored the organization’s roster en route to Worlds’ finals six times in 11 years. At the 2023 Worlds Championship, Faker added to his record with a fourth first-place finish.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Faker has given fans reason to believe that he has more in store for the 2024 season. Alongside discussions over his canceled Ahri skin commemorating Worlds 2023, he reiterated his promise to one day make it a reality.

Who is the favorite to win Worlds 2024?

T1 is the early favorite to win the 2024 League of Legends World Championship. Faker seems to know it, too.

After confirming that Orianna is the League of Legends champion who will receive his Worlds 2023 skin during T1CON, Faker reiterated that fans will still get a Worlds skin for her. He added that it won’t be a long wait either, casually promising fans a Worlds 2024 win.

“I know many people wanted Ahri, but I actually decided to go with Orianna. For people who wanted Ahri, I guess you may hear more good news next year,” Faker said, per Ashley Kang from Korizon Esports.

Faker isn’t slowing down, despite his multiple wins. In a world as competitive as LoL esports, players often find themselves aging out by their late 20s. While he’s just 27, the rising level of talent leaves Faker as an old fogey. Many find themselves coaching or streaming after being aged out by their competition. Faker won his first championship in 2013 and few others from that event will be competing in the 2024 season.

With his peerless success, Faker has no reason to shy away from boasting about winning another championship. T1 has kept its championship-winning team together and stands as the early favorite to win Worlds 2024 because of that. Fans got their first look at the roster in an exhibition event, with Faker and T1 looking strong enough to get booed by fans of the home teams.

As ever, T1 will have to compete with other fan-favorite teams to take the Summoner’s Cup once again. The team will have to compete against the best of the best from around the globe, and will have to earn the chance to do so by defeating a stacked lineup of teams in the LCK.

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